Playing with paint

Playing with paint
abstract art

28 January 2012

Week 4 Cretan Stitch

Well, FINALLY finished week 4.  of this year's TAST with Sharon B.  I started off with these sketches

Then I ended up with this

The 'leaves/trees' were originally rectangles then squares,  then after I began embroidering did not like them so change to the leaf shape.   I have used a lot of Brazilian Rayon threads, with some variegated single stranded in the bright colours.

I had originally intended to do some beading but then thought that would be overkill in the end.

I am so glad this page is finished now I can tidy my table and sewing room before guests arrive on Tuesday.   I have a unit inspection on Friday so wont be able to make any messes between times and ruin the neat and tidy personna I have created for the real estate people.  

On the health front just want to let all my concerned and caring friends know that I am ok.  The blood test the GP had back on Friday were good and the reading she took when showing me how to use the glucose monitor was good as well and she is very happy with me.

AND I now weigh just under 75 kgs...which I am pleased about...all those salads are having an effect....and of course no ice cream, no creamy biscuits and cakes, and no lollies  has helped a lot too.  ...very sad face....I do miss my ice cream..which I think had become an emotional crutch.  It is so good to be getting slim again I will appreciate it while I can in case the weight goes back on again.

Excuse the poor photos I have been 'fiddling' with my camera so will now have to get the book out and see if I can put things right.

22 January 2012

Feather Stitch

At first I thought feather stitch was not going to be very inspiring but as i kept fiddling and finding more ways to interpret the stitch it began to seem a never ending project.   So now it finished.   I am pleased with it, and it  will make a nice page in my next stitch book.  i wonder what next week will bring.

I thought I would be so good this week, and do a design in my journal...well as you can see the stitching is completely different...  I really have to have a needle and thread in my fingers before I can "design".   Maybe someone could invent a needle that was also a pen!  lol.

Anneliese can you see where the "bow" is? :)

Some of the threads I used were House of Embroidery variegated perles, and some other overdyed stranded cottons that I bought at the Textile Fair from Threads r Us.   I also used up some pieces of the lovely laces that my neighbour gifted to me too.  Unfortunately for some reason I did not keep the labels off the overdyed threads....just know where I bought them.

I also dyed the background fabric (which I bought  at the op shop), and used burnt sienna, alizarine and  a golden  yellow from my acrylic paints mixed with lots of water and some fabric medium for the dye.  

To change  the subject, I was disappointed to have two diagnoses this week that have thrown me a bit and so that is probably why I went a bit overboard and stitched like a madwoman possessed.  

The doc has told me I have diabetes type 2.  Damn... Dianne took my ice cream home with her...and the cones and wafers too...sob sob! which may make everyone guess that I am addicted to ice cream- well just a little bit!  Haven't had a lolly for days either...more sobbing....although there is some chocolate left in the fridge....but dont tell Di.  Noooo I am not going to eat it I am keeping it for the children who come to visit....The weird thing is that I have not lost weight with a different eating pattern I have GAINED!!!

It has also been discovered I have an eye  disease  but will know more about that when I see the surgeon about removing  the cataracts in both eyes  which I only found out about on Friday as well...double damn!  (Although this mild oath is not what has been passing through my thoughts over the last few days)

To read more about the Tast Adventure go to Sharon's page here

18 January 2012

Book pages

My friend Judy sent me some lovely deep pink velvet ribbon in a parcel of goodies before Christmas, and i just want to show her what I have done with it. The ribbon was just perfect for a surround for this.  I have pinned it onto some blue wool, and now it is ready to become a cover for a journal...if and when I will find the right size book.  So I wanted Judy to see what I had used it for, and to show her ET as she had not seen it.

Some may remember this embroidery which I nicknamed ET....cant you just see the big "eyes" it turned out that way purely by accident.  This cover is for a journal of some of the general embroideries I have done over the years.

I have also made a page from my buttonhole stitch sampler.  I placed the sampler and the and the edgings diagonally on the page, and added some more samples of the buttonhole stitch.  I also used some more of the threads that Judy sent me...see the golden yellow on the length of blue ribbon.

The blue edgings are from the stash of laces I received from my neighbour.

15 January 2012

Happy Times

My visitors finally arrived, and it was such a wonderful feeling to give my lovely grandaughters hugs all round, and their Dad and his sweet friend as well. Son had to work, so they were late getting here in the afternoon.

After dinner we had a lovely time reminiscing over old photos and memorabilia from son's young days and at school with his sporting trophies. He loves to head for the garage and go through his "stuff".  'Sparrow", (youngest) claimed his old football jumper and wore it home....hmm don't know how that will be received.  I think it will act as a connection with her Dad for her after they return to where they live.
I made a mosaic of two of my favourite pics of when the girls were little and the other two of the last time I saw them at Xmas in 2008.  The mosaic maker people  cut out the top of the baby's head, but that day she was going round picking up all my doileys and wearing them plopped on the top of her head. She looked so funny.
Below are the photos we took of their visit,  with me, their Dad and his lovely friend. They have really grown.
note: the footy jumper is still on

They presented me with these gorgeous roses when they arrived.

The girls are 14-1/2 and ll and are very mature for their ages although we all say the littley has to end up on the stage...she loves to dance and prance, I tried to get photos but she moved in every one. It was sad to see them all go.

On a different note, my neighbour gave me this bag of old laces and a bag of buttons, together with an old embroidery book.  Haven't had a chance to go through the laces yet, but in the book I found this picture of an embroidered little girl and her dress is stitched in buttonhole/blanket stitch.  Thought I would share this.
I love old laces
Isn't this a great example of the use of buttonhole/blanket stitch. I found this picture in a very old needlework book.

14 January 2012

Week 2 Buttonhole stitch

I can't believe where this week has day it was Monday, and all of a sudden it is Saturday.   Today is the day my grandaughters who I have not seen for 2 years are coming to visit. Just an overnight stay, but I am sooooo looking forward to it.

I did accomplish something this week, working on the buttonhole stitch.  This such a versatile stitch, and the more you explore the more ways you find to use it.  First I added a piece to the page I started for fly stitch. 

The buttonhole flower is one I had already worked for the Stitch Files. 

Then I got carried away and worked a sampler for the Stitch Files.  I like the little cat so much I used him twice.

It is almost time for the next stitch, which will help to make another week fly past.
Now I had better fly I have lots to do.

11 January 2012

Week 1 Fly Stitch

Even though I took a box of sewing to do, not much got done, mainly because I spent a lot of time relaxing with a book, and again, having 'nana naps'  However I did make an effort with the Fly Stitch, for Week 1 of Tast 2012 although a very meagre one.   I am thinking at this stage of  putting these into a journal.  I have a lot of lace and thought it could be a way of using some of it.
Some years ago I did a course where we had to experiment with various stitches and I have dragged these out again to share with you all.

Close up of the fly stitch flowers.

Home Again Home Again Jiggedy Jig

After what seems an age, I have again returned home.    Christmas was quiet with just "himself visiting.  On Boxing day we drove to "the farm" where I spent a very restful 2 weeks, and caught up with my friends over there. And yes I did do a  'bit' of gardening until it became too hot during the day to be out in the sun....and yes I did do a "bit" of cleaning, topping up the efforts of  'himself"

Son did not come for a visit at Christmas after all, because he had the opportunity to see his girls after  2 years of not knowing where they were.  I was so pleased for him and could not help but shed a tear of happiness when I saw the photos he sent me.  It was the best Christmas present anyone could wish for.

Since then he has been allowed to have them for an overnight stay and last Friday got them for the WHOLE weekend when they helped him celebrate his birthday.
This photo is my favourite. When I look at this and see him re-united with "his girls" my heart just swells to bursting.  There is a chance that I may be allowed to have a visit from them next weekend too......I can hardly wait.
Happy 40th Birthday son