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Playing with paint
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22 March 2015

Long time with no post

Good morning everyone, it is quite a while since I posted because my everyday life took over.  I have had a lovely holiday and since my last post been in hospital 3 times.  So my time has been ruled by other things since before xmas.

My son has given me a new computer, which he has not had time to finish configuring.  He still has to transfer the files from my old computer to the new one.  The main thing is I have the basics for now.

He and his wife and the pups have today flown out of Australia to move to the UK, so it is a very sad day for me.  With what has been happening to my health issues, my plans to move there with them  are on a total back burner.  I am going to miss them so much.

As far as the computer is concerned he has put skype on, and a programme so he can remotely finish adding my files over to the new computer.

I am also waiting for my photos and the programme I use to come over to the new computer as well, so there are no photos with this post...... Sorry.

With my health issues, my heart just about gave way a few weeks ago, and I was lucky to survive.  While at the Gold Coast I had to go to hospital with what I had been told was diverticulitis, which meant an overnight stay and antibiotics.  It was the 3rd time I had had the same problem with excrutiating pain in my hip.  Then a couple of weeks ago it happened again, and it seems that there is no sign of diverticulitus, but the problem is bursitus, and also 2 hernias.

After 2 weeks I am still not pain free, and have an appointment on the 15th April with a surgeon to decide what to will keep you all posted.

Anyway folks, I am sorry for the lack of communication.  I am now on facebook if anyone wants to friend me......under the name Shirley Margaret.   (I didnt like to put my full name to keep it more private).   My icon is a vase of white lillies, and my header is a picture of yellow daisies.

Better go, and hopefully will have less boring things to blog about in the near future.

Hope all is well with my wonderful friends.