Playing with paint

Playing with paint
abstract art

Tast 2010 Week 31 to 44 and fabric Journal

Week 31 Raised closed herringbone
There were times during the year that my brain went into meltdown, when I was busy, and when my creativity just shut down.   However I soldiered on through what turned out to be an "annus horribillis" year that went on for 18 months.

As I look at the various pictures I can relate to just what stage I was at emotionally during that time.

Week 32 Shell chain

Week 33 Lock stitch
For me, the week 34 Buttonholed double chain was the most frustrating and horrible stitch to took me ages to 'get it'

I liked the way that the week 35 spiked knotted cable chain looked like swans all sitting in a row.
Week 34 Buttonholed double chain

Week 35 Spiked knotted cable chain

Week 35 spiked knotted cable chain- lower row

Week 36 Turkman or Closed feather stitch

Week 37 Kiko's flower

Week 38 Picot chain stitch

week 39 and 40 Buttonhole picot

Week 41 Checkered or magic chain stitch

Week 42 Woven cross stitch

Week 43 and 44 Crossed and plaited feather stitch. 

Then came the fabric book.  During the course of the Tast I made up pages, and at the end I put them together in this book form.
I hope you have all enjoyed reading of my journey with Tast 2010.