Playing with paint

Playing with paint
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30 June 2012

Home Again Home Again Jiggedy Jig

It was so windy Beau's ears are flapping in the wind. Chloe stayed next to Nana

Hi all my blogger friends.  Well I did eventually come home, if only for a shortish visit. Yes I am returning to the Gold Coast in a couple of weeks to see my grandaughters who are coming to visit their father in the school holidays.  So that will be another exciting trip.

Well this one went too quickly, although now I feel like I have been away for months.  At the beginning the weather was sunny, but windy, then the rain set in and made everything miserable.  It was hard keeping warm.  Then the sun shone through again long enough for me to spend the rest of my holiday with sunshine and warm days.

I have heaps of photos, so will start at the beginning, with son number one, helping him to babysit the dogs while DIL was overseas.

Accompanying the pups to their excercise on the beach was such fun they are so active, and love to run in the open.

Beau gets there first

Beau gave the ball to Chloe

 I had such a lovely morning at the beach with them.  They are lovely and so active.

Back on the balcony, and worn out, the wind was  cold so they needed their blankets after sitting waiting hopefully for mummy to come up the drive.
When the rain set in there was no lolling by the pool, and the amount of rain we had caused the pawpaw tree which was laden to snap.

an abundance of pawpaws meant.........
green pawpaw (papaya) chutney!
I forgot to take a photo of the chutney all packed into jars and most of it I have given away now so just imagine this all chopped up finely and sitting in lovely little jars, looking tempting and good enough to eat.  It is very yummy but I made sure I did not overdo the chilli.....just enough to be tasty.

The day I left I had this photo (below) taken just to show that I did get to be by this pool in the sunshine, once the rain cleared.  As the photo above shows the deck was too wet to enjoy, even between showers..

Since I have been home have been busy settling in again.  Haven't had time to even pick up a needle, but guess that could be next week.  I will need to catch up before I go again.  Today I have to finish making pumpkin soup that I baked the pumpkin for, and have some meat to make into meals to freeze to make life easy while I am in my travelling mood...

Back tomorrow with the next part of my adventure.    Did I just happen to mention that I L O V E the Gold Coast?   :)  Next time I am taking my swimming costume.