Playing with paint

Playing with paint
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21 March 2012

Away for a break

Tomorrow morning after a trip to the hairdresser I will be off to the farm for a couple of weeks until after Easter so will be missing.

Today I went to the surgeon for her to check my eye from yesterday's cataract removal, and she is very pleased with it and I am seeing very clearly today without my glasses on here so that is pleasing.  She also told me my vision is 20/20 so that sounds good.

I will still have to see the optometrist in a few weeks to get my glasses prescription checked, and continue with the drops for 3 weeks, so am looking forward to that being finished because I am afraid my aim is not too good at times, but 'himself' will do them for me while I am there.

This afternoon I have been trying out the new stitch for Tast and so far I think it is messy, so am practising with it and hope that can give me a clue of where to use this stitch.  I will catch up with Tast when i get back.

Good luck with your stitching ladies,
see you soon

17 March 2012

Woven Wheels Tast Week 11

This week our stitching challenge was woven wheels.  At first it seemed that this would be a bit boring, but gee have a look at Stitchin Fingers and check out all the wonderful ways this stitch has been interpreted.   

Luiz who I have now nicknamed the Wizard of Design and Embroidery has once again astounded us all with his design ability.   Make sure that you check out the photos on the Leaderboard because there are some fantastic examples there.   Dont forget to have a look at the little critters Barbara aka Hopscotch has created, and Brigitte's butterfly is just gorgeous..

This Tast is bringing out so much creativity in all the members it is a pleasure to sit and browse through all the photographs.

I had a late start with mine, but have finally finished it.  This has given me the opportunity to use some of my beautiful Stef Francis threads.
I have used some drawn thread work, as well as some satin stitch,  couching and running stitches to enhance the woven work.

You may need to click on the image, then hold the Ctrl key and scroll with the mouse to enlarge the image so you can see the detail, because I scanned this instead of photographing it.


15 March 2012

I can See!

Until one has lost clarity of sight and then had it restored it is hard to imagine how difficult it must be for those people who have serious sight problems which cannot be fixed.  Good sight is such a gift.

I have only had one cataract done so far and I cant believe the difference it has made to my sight even after 24 hours.    Colours are brighter....and after 48hours I am actually sitting here without my glasses on and can read what I am typing.  I actually tried with the glasses on, and had to take them off.

I cant wait to have the other eye done next Tuesday.   

Because I am on my own I had a stay in hospital the first night, and it was so nice to get a bit of pampering....meals bought to me, and not having to do anything, although I must admit, in the beginning I could not see text clearly so was not able to read and spent my time watching TV which was allowed and I soon became a bit bored.

Prior to the procedure I had heard varying stories of what to expect from "Its a piece of cake" to "You will feel like you have a truckload of sand in it" .Well it was pretty OK .  The staff were wonderful, especially those in the area where the procedure was done.   I was put to sleep, all I knew was I thought I was dreaming of green bubbles floating in my eye.  Woke up back in my bed with no pain at all and the truck carrying the sand totally bypassed me.

I had to give a big thank you to the RN who bought me some little sachets of sugar after the "food trolley police" tried to insist that I only have one of those chemical sugar replacements, because that was what was on her 'list'.  It did not matter that my GP told me not to use the replacements.....the FTP 'list' said I had to have the replacement chemically made sweetener.    No, I did not accept that someone with a 'list' could insist that I use a doubtful substance instead of half a spoon of the real thing....particularly when my GP and dietician have agreed that I could keep on with the small amount of sugar I do still have in my tea and coffee...

So roll on next Tuesday......dont anyone misbehave because I will see all.  

I am already back to stitching this week's Tast, and although I may be a bit late in completing it, it makes such a difference to be able to see clearly.  I painted some acrylic paint mixed with watercolour medium on to some linen to use for my woven wheels.  Here is a little sneak peak of the colours on part of the fabric.

Next week "Himself" is coming over to look after me and then once I have the all clear am going back over to "the farm" until after Easter.  

Last year my calendar was full of medical appointments, but this year it is filling with more interesting things like crafty workshops and travel which I am looking forward to.  This is "The Year of Gadding About" because in May I am off to the Gold Coast again, and then in October to Melbourne to my eldest grandaughter's wedding which I am really looking forward to.

It has been said  that all articles and places that could result in my doing myself harm have been cordoned off or  removed at the Gold Coast house,  since I always seem to either hurt myself or get sick when I go there. :)  I haven't been totally "banned" unless a carer is with me though, so will have to make sure I am very careful.

08 March 2012

Tast Week 10 Running Stitch

When I first saw that running stitch was the stitch for the week I immediately thought "Cakky Poo" !!!!

 I did not like the idea at all.   I had had this piece which had been a ufo for about a year sitting patiently waiting for a finish, and had recently dug it out and had it sitting on my table.  After working other running stitches it suddenly struck me that this could be the perfect stitch to finish off the work. So this is what I did with it.  I was quite please with the result of a naive style and called it Across the Paddock.

As you can see the design got altered as it went along.

I have always loved Huck embroidery, so this had to be an example of how running stitch can weave itself into patterns.This is called "Trees", and it is obvious why I chose that name. 
I have already put the previous two up on Stitchin Fingers, and have yet to post a running stitch sample which I did for a course previously.  I have named this "Zap!" because it reminds me of an electrical storm.

My next trial with the running stitch was just a doodle cloth really.  I  stitched where the needle wanted to go. I used a mix of wool threads and heavy crochet cottons, with a little bit of fine stranded. The squares and rectangles of cloth are pieces of blue silk.
Could not even think of a name of this....Zig and Zag ??? perhaps.
I did have another sketch ready, but have decided to wait for a more appropriate stitch for it.

02 March 2012

Tast Week 9 Couching

dancing in the Dark
Above is my example of using couching for Tast 2012 week 9 together with my sketch.  I did not realise it would be so hard to photograph glittery threads.  If anyone can tell me how I would love to hear.

I have also put a picture of a previous work using couching on to Stitchingfingers. It is called Night Wave where there are some wonderful examples of stitching and lots of eye candy to look at. Pintangle is where you find all the news of the Tast (Take a Stitch Tuesday).

Originally I had another design, but DIL made a comment it was a bit stiff  for the word 'dancing' so I went back to square 1.  That original design was very abstract and will come in handy for another stitch in the future.  You never know next weeks stitch could be perfect for it.  i just have to think up another name.

The rain has disappeared now, and gone to the south, so have a thought for the poor souls there who are experiencing days and days of rain and flooding.   I am wondering whether Mother Nature is suffering from Dementia and memory loss and has forgotten how to turn off the taps for the rain.

She must be lost as well, because there are parts of the world that could really do with some decent rain.....maybe next year Mother Nature will sort herself out.

At present we here, are experiencing lovely autumn weather, warm, but with nice breezes....well at least they are coming in my back windows....

I wonder what next Tuesday will bring.  Have a nice weekend everyone.