Playing with paint

Playing with paint
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Down Memory Lane Monday - Tast 2010 - Weeks 1-5

My new blog would not be complete unless I recorded my Tast journey, so this will be the theme for my pages for the next weeks of Down Memory Lane Monday. Many of my friends will remember these photos from my old blog. I have made them into 'pages' to keep them all together. (I hope)

I promise I have been stitching and will have new work to show soon.

The new stitches and exploring ways of using them was such an interesting experience and I enjoyed it so much.  Many thanks to Sharon for the time and effort she puts into the preparations for Tast (Take a Stitch Tuesday) which is coming up again in 2012.

Next year I had planned to concentrate on the stitch files, but I may swing buy the Tast as well.

Week 1 Diamond Stitch

The blue coloured beads belonged to my mother who did beading for one of the exclusive fabric stores in Brisbane  when we were children just after WW2.  She would bead motifs on to an area of a length  of crepe de chene  fabric where the bodice would be cut from.

Mum  would cover  the end of the dining room table with a blanket and then a white sheet. (I do mean white that was the time of boiling linen in the copper in the laundry) We children were not allowed within cooee of her....that is until it came time to remove the tissue paper patterns from beneath the beads.

So hands were washed to a scrupulous cleanliness and once they passed inspection my sister and I being the oldest were given  tweezers and a needle to carefully remove the remnants of the tissue paper from under the beads.

Week 2 Knotted Loop Stitch
Week 3 Beaded hedebo Stitch
Week 4 Portuguese Border Stitch
Week 5 knotted buttonhole stitch

Week 5 Knotted Buttonhole Stitch
Week 6 Buttonhole eyelet flowers

Week 6 Buttonhole eyelet flowers

Week 7 Rope Stitch

Week 8 Fancy Hemstitch

Week 9 Raised Herringbone

Week 10 Cloud Filling
week 11 Bullion buttonhole.
Thank you for taking the time to visit, have a nice week. Not many sleeps now until Christmas.


  1. Hi Shirley! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I have joined the TAST group for 2012, because, while I have had a needle in my hand for most of my 60 years, I know very few embroidery stitches and not much about how to use them. I can see that I will be referencing your gorgeous work as I go along. The photos on this page are quite inspirational. Hope you are having a great viist with you son and family. Cheryl

  2. Your Knotted Loop stitch is really, really lovely and my favorite of all the other well stitched examples.
    I have been and still am inspired by your work.