Playing with paint

Playing with paint
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13 June 2013

Back In The Swing

Well my dear friends "life" has certainly taken me over during these past months, and I have not been able to find the motivation for my blog.  Fortunately all the issues that have reared their ugly heads have subsided for now, and I am beginning to once more feel some normality returning.

During my absence from blogging I had two trips away.  My eldest son came and collected me and took me to theirs for a couple of weeks.   It was a real healing experience and whenever I felt down the pups must have been able to tell because they would come and lie next to me on the bed.  Animals seem to have a sixth sense that some humans dont have.
on Mothers Day I received lovely flowers and cards
At Open Day for the quilt group in February, a couple of ladies asked me if I would be able to show them some stitches so they could expand their knowledge. Well the first class came to fruition 2 weeks ago, with the first small group of 6.  The ladies are all enthusiastic, and I am thoroughly enjoying this.

I worked a little design of fantasy flowers and grasses which gives a number of stitches to learn.  Things were not without their hiccups during the time I was preparing this.  First I managed to slice some skin off the tip of my thumb, then when I washed some marks out of the embroidery a couple of the colours ran.  This meant a quick trip to the shops to buy colour run remover and it all turned out ok in the end.

Bye for now