Playing with paint

Playing with paint
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10 July 2012

Off again

I will be away again on Thursday for about 3 weeks, away from the cold and back to the beach.  Gone to build sandcastles with the girls.

 Happy blogging everyone, stay safe.  

01 July 2012

Holiday Fun

On the next stage of my holiday, this was the view I woke to every morning, looking out over the balcony which faced the ocean.  It had such a relaxing impact to start the day with.   Every day the view changed, so it never got boring.
Now, now, my friends, no I did not turn into a "Cougar" while away.  This was my youngest son pretending to teach me to swim....he makes me so happy. We managed to have a nice warm sunny day, and the pool was heated. What does one do without a  swimming costume...... swim in your clothes I was told....well being an obedient mother, and as we were the only ones on the pool deck why not?  I did make sure the tshirt was not see through first though. :)

In case anyone is wondering, yes I did get some retail therapy....who would be able to go to the Gold Coast without it.  Came home with a couple of nice additions to my summer wardrobe.....when and if the weather ever warms up again.  I love Robina Town Centre.

The views below are something I could very easily get used to.  I am looking forward to returning for another visit with my grandchildren in a couple of weeks.

Ah, shopping is close by

Kayakers paddling past
Another acquisition while away  was a new phone....yes the pink one has been relegated to the cupboard. My older son gave this "fancy dancy" one  to me and I love it. He is so good to me.   It is so much better than the old one.   It even has a speech feature for when txting....and I can get my emails on it too...I am rapt, cant wait to work out all the different things I can do with it.

Yesterday  did some more cooking. Pumpkin soup, and a supply of spag bol sauce.  So now I can pretend I am a lady and not have to cook every night for a while, with all the frozen meals I have now.

Still no stitching, sorry ladies it looks like another multiple sample coming up...maybe this afternoon.