Playing with paint

Playing with paint
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25 June 2017

A Long Time Away

It seems to be such a long time since I posted on my blog.  Unfortunately I have been caught up by Facebook, and neglected my blog, so to all my followers please accept my apologies.  I guess it is a sign of fashion in modern technology.

The time has come I am afraid, where I have cut down a lot on embroidery to the point where I have been selling some "stuff", and giving other things away to friends.  It has become harder for me to thread needles, and every time I stab my fingers I bleed a lot which is a damn nuisance. But I need to be on blood thinners for other aspects of my health.  Still have a few things, like, laces, beads, etc, and also books to go

I have had a go at water colours and still would like to explore this.  I went through the colouring thing, but my shaky hands would not let me stay within the lines so I now have lots of expensive pencils and other colouring bits and pieces languishing on the shelf.

Somehow I dont seem to be bored though.   I do still have a few projects to finish off e.g. the latest fabric is still unfinished and my band sampler needs the last couple of strips attached.  I have given up looking in the UFO box but I know the pieces and threads to finish are there waiting for me to get a burst of energy.

Anyway, thought I would just stop by and say Hi to all my blog friends who are still here.  You have all enriched my life so much over the years, for which I will be forever grateful.  Thank you all for the love and support you have given me as well.

I am on Facebook as "Maggie McGuire" should anyone like to get in touch.

We still have serenity, but I dont visit much these days. Here are some photos from "the farm"
Till next time