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Playing with paint
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04 December 2011

Garden Party

I have been very fortunate to be invited to join the Toowoomba Quilters Group here, and even though I do not quilt, (but have dipped my toes in, in the past), I will be able to do my needlework, and perhaps incorporate it into smaller projects later on.

Yesterday, Saturday, was the date for their annual Xmas get together which took the form of a garden party at the magnificent home of one of the members. 

Notice part of  the magificent old jacaranda tree in the front garden
The sun was shining, there was a breeze to keep the heat away, lots of lovely company, wonderful food and friendship  to make the day complete.  The venue was a home that was built in the 19th century, that has become part of the history of the area.
A big thank you was extended to the hostess for her generosity in inviting the group to hold their Xmas function at her home.

There was ample room in the beautiful gardens for everyone to gather to enjoy each others company, the flowers and the views.
Back verandahs for morning tea.

Enjoying the sunshine

The tennis court
I liked this bird feeder near the beautiful Hydrangea.

View from above the tennis courts out to the mountains that went on forever.

Lunch was delicious with lots of choices. I was still not hungry when it came to dinner time.   Di has added a report and more pics  on the TQ Blog here with lovely photos  of the garden flowers.  The roses were beautiful and the sea of agapanthus framed the view.

I have warned the family that when  I am "old-old" and come to live with them this is the sort of home I would like them to have for me to come to where I could while away the hours stitching and looking out onto the garden.

All there is for me at the moment is what I call the "dungeon" behind the cupboard under the stairs, but as they say, at least I would be at the Gold Coast where all the "action" is, and they have promised to put a window in for me too, and.... bring the puppies to visit.....hmmmph!  Generous lot aren't they?


  1. What a gorgeous place...perfect for a get together! You looked so pretty, too!!!

  2. Looks like a fantastic place! So glad you had a good time.

  3. Oh WOW what a glorious home and gardens to gather with all your wonderful friends to celebrate this most important time of year. Lucky you Shirley and all. Hugs judy

  4. Hi, Shirley, at least they would put in a small window - I am chuckling. It can't be so terrible! I like to see you standing elegant in this beautiful, beautiful garden (I mean near the garden) - who wouldn't like to have one like this? I am glad you had such nice company with people who make something with their hands. The chat must have been wonderful.

  5. What a spectacular venue. Who would not feel privileged to be in attendance, and be amongst such glamour, both in the garden and the well wishers. I am sure your presence within such a group will be most welcome. I am sure we would all aspire to live out our days in these surroundings, but hey, if you've got a little cubby hole WITH A WINDOW, you can stitch, and see puppies, that's okay too.............LOL...... I must say too how lovely it is to see you all dressed up for the day.

  6. Shirley, you look like the lady of the house! So elegant looking! What a wonderful event it seemed to be!!!

  7. It was great fun playing ladies at the garden party. Wonderful venue and a very relaxing day. Glad you have joined our club and I am sure you will make many nice new friends. Di.

  8. It's wonderful my dear Shirley!!!!!!!!
    It's a great place!

  9. seems you had a ball. looked lovely too.

  10. This looks like a beautiful day.... So fun to see that in your country it's summer while here we are waiting the cold!!!

  11. What a lovely place for a meeting! And the view!
    Thank you sharing the pictures, Shirley, it looks like you had a wonderful day:) A very nice picture of you :))

  12. At least it is behind the cupboard under the stairs, not IN the cupboard!LOL!!
    You look like you are having a wonderful day. What a beautiful home.