Playing with paint

Playing with paint
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21 March 2012

Away for a break

Tomorrow morning after a trip to the hairdresser I will be off to the farm for a couple of weeks until after Easter so will be missing.

Today I went to the surgeon for her to check my eye from yesterday's cataract removal, and she is very pleased with it and I am seeing very clearly today without my glasses on here so that is pleasing.  She also told me my vision is 20/20 so that sounds good.

I will still have to see the optometrist in a few weeks to get my glasses prescription checked, and continue with the drops for 3 weeks, so am looking forward to that being finished because I am afraid my aim is not too good at times, but 'himself' will do them for me while I am there.

This afternoon I have been trying out the new stitch for Tast and so far I think it is messy, so am practising with it and hope that can give me a clue of where to use this stitch.  I will catch up with Tast when i get back.

Good luck with your stitching ladies,
see you soon


  1. Brilliant result for your eyes Shirley, half your luck. I hope you enjoy yourself at the farm, will look forward to your return. Cheers

  2. My dear Shirley, I wish you a. good time out at the farm, take care,
    do not work too much in the garden!

  3. "herself" here did the drops for husband-san for three weeks.interesting how you develop a steady pulse :)

  4. Happy Easter Shirley, I absolutely LOVE your beautiful bird and lovely flowers of Australia. Such a Happy photo. I am sooooooooooooooooo happy your eye surgery went well again. It is like seeing a bright and beautiful world again. Have a lovely and safe trip. Hugs Judy

  5. Carissima Shirley, ti auguro una buona Pasqua e una bella vacanza, sono tanto contenta che la tua vista stia andando così bene.
    Un grosso abbraccio, baci

  6. 20/20, Shirley!!! Wonderful news! Now if the other eye does as well, you will be having better vision than any of us!!! Best wishes down on the farm and with "Himself"!!! Ha ha ha...I just love that! You are the best...see ya soon again!!!
    xoxo- Julie

  7. I will miss you, my friend. Please take care down there on the farm and don't work too hard!!!