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Playing with paint
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24 May 2012

Travelling Girl

Well the time is almost here for my trip to the sunny Gold Coast....well I hope it is going to be sunny...and warmer....on Monday, although there is supposed to be a cold front and some rain coming......

The precious pooches need a baby sitter so Nana is going to be there for them while Mummy is away visiting her family in the UK and Daddy is working.  

I will be 'off the air' for most of the time I am away.  Because I am travelling by bus, my luggage has to be kept to a minimum so I am not taking any sewing with me, but will take the opportunity to relax and read instead.  
Beau and Chloe with my big son
Bye for now I will be thinking of all my friends in Blog land.


  1. Happy and safe travels. Enjoy. Hugs Judy

  2. Oh my Shsirley, I am wishing you well. Also I am leaving in a few days and internet will again be available only in coffee houses. lI am thinking of you and hope you are doing the same with me. Bye bye

  3. Have a wonderful, RELAXING time, Shirley...I will be just about back to being able to read and post maybe by the time you get back!!! I like my new job...will finally have three days of in a row this Sun, Mon, and Tues!!! Looking forward to it for sure!!!

    Talk to you again soon!
    xoxo- Julie

  4. Have a great time Shirley, and hope the bus trip is not too uncomfortable. I am sure the pooches will appreciate having you to look after them. I do also hope the weather is lovely and you escape the worst of the chill that will be upon us in a few days. Take care, and happy reading.

  5. I hope you have a wonderful and restful time at the gold coast. I hope it's sunny there for you. Safe travels. Hugs

  6. I am sure you are enjoying your break Shirley and fingers crossed for the weather for you. Wonder how many books you have got through, hope you are not in withdrawl from having no stitching to do, maybe you have had to go and buy something for your itching stitchin fingers. Look forward to your return to blog land.

  7. I`m sure you will have a great time Shirley. I will watch for your next blog post.

    Here in Arizona we are hot now and there are several fires,but we are safe.

    Bye for now,
    Cathy in the desert