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Playing with paint
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03 August 2014

Back From the Bush

My blog posts seem to be getting further and further apart these days.  However I am now back from another sojourn, with some pics to share.

There were some new arrivals this visit, deer in the farm paddock next door.  It was so exciting to see something different having never seen deer in real life.
It took a a while to get photos, and these are as close as I got.
Main picture deer near carports inside our property.. top left cattle.. bottom left deer in paddock centre: deer in orchard bottom right: deer moving along fence
The cattle like to get in the act and watch what is going on.

I did enjoy my stay, but it entailed quite a bit of housework.  Himself is having trouble with his hip and is in a lot of pain so has not been able to cope with the cleaning, particularly anything that is  low down.  By the time I left it was good to see my lovely house all spic and span again.

I didn't feel the cold up there because we had a fire every night.  Not much flowering in the garden, although I did get some pics of what is there.
The bromelaids are almost finished but what was there was striking. There are also weeds which are on the bottom right and left. The yellow daisies are almost finished  but managed to capture one lonely flower that was left. I do love the red and pink crucifix orchids.  The white daisy has wonderful blue spots in the centre.
I have managed to finish off my botanica. It now has a backing and hanging sleeve and is ready for the quilt show in September. I have made a collage with some close-ups
Of course a post about serenity is not done unless there is something about the wallabies.  There are new babies, one just out of the pouch and others on the way.  There is also a new baby rabbit, which sadly was taken by a hawk the day after I took the photo...that is nature for you.
The baby rabbit is in the photo with the mummy in the centre bottom pic.  The main pic has "shorty" who we think is the dad of quite a few of the babies relaxing while mum supervises the newest joey out of the pouch.

I did manage to have a couple of sewing days with my friend, but will keep the results for my next post.

bye for now, happy stitching.


  1. Such beautiful flowers
    The botanica is really wonderful and I wish you well in the competition.

    We have wallabies and kangaroos in our garden daily and they are always a pleasure to see. Our visitors delight in seeing them.

  2. Shirley your botanica wall hanging is lovely and thanks for the close ups. You still have a lot going on in your garden even though it is winter, very colourful. Are those wallabies near to where you live or at himselfs place? sorry to hear he is having hip problems,

  3. What an enjoyable post. Great photos of God's wonderful creation, and of your own stitched creations. Your botanica piece is wonderful!

    I'm sorry Himself is having hip problems. I'm sure he was very glad to have you there and is enjoying the place all spic and span once again.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  4. Hello Shirley welcome back. It is always great to see Australian wildlife especially the wallabies. You Aussie flowers are always so gorgeous any time of year. BUT you botanica is absolutely stunning. Your stitching is most beautiful and with all your array of grand techniques it is eye candy for the soul. I am sure it will be a big hit at the quilt show. Great job of creating this lovely project.

  5. Your collages are wonderful - I love the wallabies - won't they eat the garden plants? I love your botanica - the poisonous mushrooms are adorable - you will have many admirers. Wonderful flowers in your winter!

  6. I always feel like I was with you in your journeys.....all the way round the world away from me.
    Beautiful flowers and nature.
    Your stitching is so detailed and well done.

  7. Love that you were HOME, and your sewing is gorgeous, Shirley! Love all of the neat creatures you have there. The wallaby are amazing! What a magical place!

  8. Your botanica is fabulous, Shirley! Love it, and I'm sure it will garner much admiration at the show. The flowers in bloom in your garden are stunning. Such pretty colours.
    I'm glad you're back.

  9. Good to have you back in town my dear friend. Your botanica piece is stunning and I like your clever collages.