Playing with paint

Playing with paint
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01 December 2011

Xmas is Coming

Xmas is getting too close too quickly.....Why didn't I do all those jobs earlier?     Now it is getting too late. How many people are "ready".

I have been putting off looking at the tree to see that all was well, and if the decorations needed a spruce up.  Fortunately I had sealed it up pretty well in a sheet, so no little nasties from over at "the farm" were able to get in.  Each year I try to make a new decoration, but this year has got away, so maybe next year.
The designs for the ones I have made are probably familiar to many of you.

Anyway Tuesday night I "bit the bullet" and did the tree, and am glad I did. It looks nice over in the corner and there is an air of Xmas feelings  in the unit now.  I have even found a new outfit to wear on Xmas Day.  
She sits atop my tree

My "Boo Bear" for my grandson

unstiffened angel

embroidered bird from Inspirations magazine
Out of all of these the very easiest is the plum pudding which is just a circle of calico tied over a foam ball and decorated.  Although the decorated pine cones were fun to make, even though while collecting the cones I had a mother bird swooping me so she must have had chicks nearby.


  1. Bravo Shirley, the tree ready, lovely deocation. Most of all I like the bird on the bottom. And the bear. I just made a wreath - a simple one - with one bitg candle in the middle some stars and one cone - all out of the boxes in the the basement.

  2. Oh Shirley you're sweet !!!!!!!!! How many beautiful things you have done, and the little bear is delicious
    Many kisses

  3. i love a Christmas tree decorated with hand-made memories. Yours looks lovely sitting in the corner. I think I shall have to think of putting ours up and decorating the house once our choir's Christmas concerts are finished.

  4. The tree looks lovely Shirley, and I'm sure you feel happy having it all ready for the festive weeks ahead. Love all your decorations. I have 'my' boo bear here to give to Wend for her tree. I really like the one made with the folded red ribbon. Cheers.

  5. Hello Shirley

    Your angel is beautiful, I would love to make one. I am amazed by your needle painting. I hope one day to learn this skill. Nicola x

  6. Wow, you have tree up allready!!! I am never really ready, there is always too much to do at the last minute:) I like Christmas, family getting together. But I also like the quiet days after Christmas, relaxing and "recovering"...

  7. Christmas does indeed come too quickly! Your tree is lovely and no one has the special and personal ornaments you have! I love them all!