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Playing with paint
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30 September 2012

Serenity visitors

Sorry my friends for going away for so long, but some of lifes hard knocks caught me unexpectedly and as a result I have just felt like hiding in my little cubby hole. I have forced myself out into the world again, and would like to share some photos I took while out at the farm for some peace and quiet and R & R.
First of all we discovered by chance there is a little family of these darling little rabbits, although they won't be darlings when they are grown and eating everything in sight.
The ducks from the dam came to visit, although they did not bring their little family this time   My favourite birds of all below did not disappoint and turned up one morning while I was sitting out on the patio
This year we have an addition to the family of visitors.  A pair of scrub turkeys have taken up residence and are great to watch.   Of course photos of "Serenity" would not be complete without pictures of the wallabies and their babies. There were two does with babies of different sizes.  I don't know if you can see the white spot on the eye of our almost tame wallaby at the bottom, called "shorty".   It was a tick which was there for a few days and then thankfully it disappeared.

These are the only galahs which are coming in at the moment, the arrival of the lorikeets seems to have frightened a lot of the birds away.  The lorikeets are very aggressive towards the other birds, and even though we have tried chasing them they always come back.

I will just finish off with some photos of my flowers.  The iris have been magnificant, and my orchid had been in flower for about a week when I arrived.  It was so nice to be out in the country again, and I appreciated the quiet, which gave me the opportunity to relax and put the thoughts of my troubles to the back of my mind.

 This week I am off to Melbourne for the wedding of my eldest grandaughter, which I am really looking forward to.  I have not flown for 16 years and am a bit nervous.  Son is coming with me and has booked us in business class which I am hoping will be more roomy so I dont feel so claustrophobic....and also have better food..:)   Keep your fingers crossed my friends that the weather is kind..although when I lived in Victoria the saying was "if you dont like the weather...wait a minute"


  1. so good to have you back Shirley, I have missed you. Wonderful photos, how lovely to see so much wild life from the farm.
    Have a wonderful time in Melbourne, yes the weather can be bad and reminds me very much of our british weather.

    I had a visitor the other day, a very handsome fox, not unusual to find them in the cities now, was not quick enough with the camera and it was going dark, it was after the chickens next door, had taken the ones from the back of me and do not think they are being replaced but next door they are well protected, hopefully will get a photo over the next few days if it pays me another visit.

  2. HOpe your flight was not too bad . I always take a medicine to prevent me from becoming claustrofobique.....
    Are the problems gone with the flight????

  3. I do hope all is well, have a lovely time in Melbourne.

  4. What neat visitors, and what a lovely place to relax and get your bearings.

    I hope your flight to Melbourne is smooth, coming and going and that you have a wonderful time at the wedding.


  5. I hope the serenity of the farm sent those troubles skittering off. Lots of nice pics, Shirley. May the flight be a pleasant one for you, and I hope you have a marvelous time at the wedding.
    Sending you a big hug!

  6. Have a lovely time in Melbourne. Well done with the catch up.

  7. I hope you had a lovely flight and are now enjoying Melbourne Shirley, and I most certainly hop all those troubles have vanished. I have missed your cheery blogs, but the photos make up for the time away. You can keep the scrub turkeys, they are an awful pest in the garden. Cheers.

  8. Time out in the country air surrounded by nature always helps me to feel more relaxed too. I hope that you felt better for being in the country. x