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Playing with paint
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18 November 2012

Back from the Wedding.

Am back home again, and boy is it good to be back .   I really value the little unit I call home after all the travelling about during the year.

Dont have any good photos of the bride and groom yet, am waiting for DIL to send me a disk of photos from her super dupa  camera.   I am such an amateur when it comes to photography.

The wedding was a lot of fun, and there were quite a few tears of happiness shed for Brent and Claire.  

After the ceremony everyone released their butterfly which came in a little packet.  The children were fascinated with them.

I discovered that I am getting a new great grandchild in February, so had to have a photo with the mum and baby.
Havent seen these two grandsons for a while, and they always seem to be getting taller....or am I getting shorter.

No event in my life would be complete without some sort of mishap and this was no exception.   Remember those blingy shoes....well even though I wore them round the house beforehand to get used to them, after 10 minutes they had to come off and that was before I left for the feet were already killing me in them. 

Then when I got dressed, I said to everyone..."gee I must have been fat when I bought this outfit this skirt is pretty big...hope it doesn't fall down"  This of course sent the groom and his mates into hysterics and lots of teasing.  Then after they left daughter and I were putting the finishing touches to our hair and faces, and would you believe it.......the skirt fell down!!!!! the elastic just broke!!!!  I have only worn it once before to the Dunk Island wedding of my eldest son....nothing is made to last these days.

Panic all round but no where could we find a needle and thread so the only option was to tuck the top of the skirt into the top of my stepins and hope to goodness that it held......which it did by the way.....they were pretty tight too!

We did manage to get to the venue before the bride thank goodness.

I am now concentrating on my Gimp course and loving every bit of it.  Just a few problems focusing my brain.    Will have to stop myself from only half reading the lesson and I might get somewhere.   ha ha. 

Can hear the thunder of an impending storm so time to batten down the hatches.


  1. some lovely photos here Shirley good to put a face to those you talk about.
    Cake looks amazing.
    Butterflies given to all, I take it they were alive, if so how did they survive in a packet?
    You were very lucky to lose your skirt prior to the wedding and not when you walked down the aisle

  2. Sounds like fun, glad you didnt lose your skirt. it is nice to be home though.

  3. Fancy that about your skirt and at a wedding too!

    I love the butterfly theme and the photo of you with your grandsons.

    I am looking forward to hearing how the gimp course was.

  4. Omg, Shirley....what a story! So glad your darn skirt stayed up in the end! Congrats on your upcoming new grandchild!

  5. Hello my Shirley, I love your photos, you are looking great in the middle of your very attractive grandsons. I am sure they are proud of you aud you of them! You should writea shortstory of your wedding outfits. A humoristic column in a newspaper. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting.

  6. Well, I just had this funny picture of you walking into the church, and with each step, your skirt getting a little closer to the ground! So glad the elastic broke BEFORE the wedding, and not when you were on the dance floor.
    Looks like a wonderful time in spite of the mishap, and I love seeing the pics of you. A new great-grandchild! Super!
    Welcome home.

  7. LOL!!! Good to see you back home safe!! :-))

  8. Beautiful pictures, beautiful family ;)

  9. Hahahha!! you could be an excellent comedienne.
    good to hear you had fun.and please post some of your gimp work

  10. Hello Shirley, Glad your home safely for your adventure. You gave a bit of a giggle over your skirt coming down. Congratulation the new upcoming baby. Hugs Judy