Playing with paint

Playing with paint
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24 November 2012

More Gimp lessons

Week 3 has been a real learning curve....we are really getting into the nitty gritty now.   After starting the first part of the lesson I almost threw in the towel, but today have persevered with it.

We are still working through the tools, but have worked a little more with them and added, the colour picker, scissors, scale and sheer tools and the eraser

We also learned how to use some of the filters, artistic, and edge detect.

I am having a lot of fun playing with all the elements of the lessons.  Hope I can remember them.....but there are always the worksheets to go back to.
Edge detect/edge

 Wish we could have as comprehensive workshop in arranging photos with blogger,


  1. I know what you mean about blogger.

    Your photos are amazing, they would make gorgeous prints and cards.

  2. Oh Shirley, lovely, lovely. Can't stop looking at them. They are great. I at once think of making quilts of some of them. For instance the gladioles one or the one on the right of the triple row -to the right of the same in very strong colours.

  3. Your photos creations are truly lovely and very very creative. What a great job you are doing with your new skills. Hugs Judy

  4. You're doing some very COOL stuff! Love the results. I agree with Nicola about the cards and prints. I especially like the poppies in pic#2.

  5. Really lovely Shirley, I'm very envious! I seem to have a block trying to remember all the technical stuff.

  6. Shirley you have certainly done wonderful photos with gimp, I can see your stitching being neglected as you are doing such great things here

  7. Tell your wish to have the other class working with photos and maybe you wish will come true!!!

    Love your things so far. Especially the edge detection! That is super cool. I LOVE it!!!

    Too many things to accomplish in life! Oh well...all we can do is whatever we are doing at the time...enjoying it all.

    Hugs to you, Shirley!

  8. These images are fantastic, Shirley!! I love the bottom right one - the colours are so strong and beautiful. Yes, I agree about blogger and arranging photos which is another big reason I use Windows Live Writer. It is just like working in word and you can format photos as you go too. Poor ol' blogger! They will fix it one day - maybe.

  9. wooo! some pretty cool stuff you got here.
    i know. blogger says wysiwyg, but it's not true. tou still have to fiddle w. it. and then there's the fudge factor.

  10. Hi, Shirley. You never cease to amaze me--You're always up to something exciting! I've already run into a couple of bloggers taking the Gimp class and now I can see that I'd better get with it and try this out, too. Your playing with the photos has got me inspired--I want to clap my hands too!
    Have a very happy holiday season!
    best, nadia