Playing with paint

Playing with paint
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26 February 2013

Back to Stitching

When I was asked to take part in the Quilt Group Open Day,(The link will take you to the Toowoomba Quilt Group Blog where you will find lovely examples of the quilts the ladies have made),I was very flattered. 

I don't quilt now myself  but I  was to have a display of my embroidery work, (which you can also see on the Quilt  Group Open Day link, and demonstrate some stitching throughout the day. 

The Club had a very successful day, with lots and lots of visitors.   Our organiser Ineke did a wonderful job with the Club getting a lot of positive feedback.

Needing something to stitch on, I made up a couple of little sample kits to use, and have now been able to finish these.

This first one is demonstrating some Mountmellick style stitching, and the second I have used to show bullions and woven picots which are used a lot in Casalguidi work.   Of course, being me I have not done things in the traditional manner but put  a creative twist to the designs.
The last of the first batch of cushions is ready to post when the rain stops, and now these will all be subjected to being thrown into the washing machine to establish how everything stands up to being laundered in this manner.......fingers crossed!   DIL wants to ensure that they will do what the label says they will do, and we can eliminate using any threads that are not colorfast.

In the photo the G looks crooked but on the piece I could not see that, so in future DIL is going to do the attaching of the letters because she has a better eye for a straight line than I do.  Although I think it would be pretty good if all the letters and hearts were crooked.
When I was stitching last week I was having trouble seeing the work, and not at all at night so on the advice of my good friend Dianne went to the website of The Scissorman and found myself a floor lamp. Check out the website it is very interesting and tempting.

Yesterday this box was left on my doorstep .  Inside was another box
And inside that were the makings of this.
I am so proud of myself I was able to put it together without the help of any man and did not electrocute myself when I plugged it in and turned it on.   No doubt many of you will already have one of these or similar and know what a difference they can make to being able to see your work clearer.   It even comes with a magnifying glass.  Sorry about the poor photo


  1. good for you, getting the lamp together, hope it helps. On the coast, damp but not too sticky today, 100th went off well.

  2. Hello Shirley, Your stitching is always a JOY to look at. I especially love the second photo with the wool roving intertwined in the stitching. Love it. Congratulation on your new light and Mag. glass. I had one for sometime and Love it. It will make such a difference in how you can see what you are stitching. Have a great week. Hugs Judy

  3. Shirley, it's good to see that pic of you demoing your beautiful embroidery! I love your samples, too, especially the second one. Great colour and panache!
    Good for you getting a new light to help with your stitching. I hope you enjoy it and it makes it easier to see clearly. I got a magnifier with a wee light, and I can see all my mistakes very well! lol
    I like your idea of the letters being a little's a bit more casual and fun looking. Don't work too hard.

  4. What a grand exhibit of talent, skill and creativity! And how lovely to see a photo of you "up close and personal" across the cyber-miles!

    I too would go with playful, dancing letters on the dog pillows. Sigh. I know you'll enjoy the lamp. I have a table model and it's great.

  5. Daylight lamps are a must for me, keep a spare bulb handy.

    Your embroidery is so beautiful and the second photograph jumped straight out at me WOW.

  6. Thank you Shirley for you healing words. I'm excited about the surgery and hope to get my bum knee back in action. Sea Witch

  7. seems most of us agree that the letters would look good done in a random way.
    Love your samples for the open day, you must have inspired others to have a go.
    Lamp looks good, I use the light from mine which is a daylight bulb but not the magnifer.

  8. I had a natural light like this (floor lamp) and it was so great, but it stopped working, and I got rid of it, sadly. I miss having it, and really feel it is PART of why I have stopped embroidering. Maybe this should be my next purchase too! Thanks for showing it to me!!!
    xoxo- Julie