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Playing with paint
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06 March 2013

Tast 2013 to Stitch 57

At last I have been able to catch up with the Tast Stitches from December.   I have put them onto the one sampler.  They include Berry Stitch, Knotted Cable Chain,  and Arrowhead stitch from 2012.

For 2013 I have now completed the knotted feather stitch, inverted feather stitch, triangular feather stitch, herringbone stitch.. square and laced, buttonhole herringbone, sailors stitch and sailors edge stitch.....phew! that's a lot.    Not a very exciting sampler, but at least I have caught up.

Some of the other stitches which I haven't posted are those completed in 2010 and which are on my  Flicker page.

Sharon Boggon  is amazing how she can find all these new stitches for us to use.  I have not heard of the sailor stitch or sailors edge stitch they are both new to me.   I would love to own a copy of the Batsford Encyclopedia of Stitches, but when I checked out the cost it is way beyond my budget......over $300 au. I saw it for.

If you wish to see Sharon's work, and  the tast stitches go to  


  1. Shirley you have been busy, put me to shame I am behind, can`t get my head around the laced herringbone for some reason but plan to have another go today.
    Love your sample, and the colours are great too.

  2. Hello my dear friend. It is to see your lovely stitching creations. Very pretty colors too. I read the article about the lovely reading dog last night but it is gone today.. Big hug judy

  3. Very nicely done stitches Shirley. I haven't done any TAST this year yet as I've been working on a needle painting project. It never ceases to amaze me how many stitch variations there are.

  4. These are very cool. Love your spring colors! Good feeling to be caught up, I'm sure! I have not been able to do any TAST, and I was sure loving it. Since my Mom passed away in May 2012, I have not been able to find time. I will get back to it though, Shirley! You are my biggest inspiration!
    xoxo- Julie