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Playing with paint
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26 September 2013

Quilt Show, Carnival of Flowers Week

This week the annual Carnival of Flowers has been on here in Toowoomba and this means Toowoomba Quilters have their quilt show as well.   A lot of time and effort has been put into making this years show a huge success.  If you click on the link above you will be able to see photos of some of the quilts each day.

I had a couple of favourites, but of course my photography is nowhere near the professional photos on the Toowoomba Quilts blog.  So pop over and have a look and this interesting site.

I just loved this floral applique design. 

Here is a collage of some of the quilts that took my eye.
The theme for the art quilts this year was a self portrait.  Do you recognise anyone on this set.  You may need to enlarge it but the clue is she is a favourite of many.
This year one of the fund raising events was for breast cancer so a challenge was thrown to the members to make art bras.  The colour was purple so we have quite a few on display.
These are just a few the other photo was too blurry to post.

Two other projects for the members were making table runners, and small hangings with the them Tea for Two

The members who participated put in some excellent results.  There are a lot of accomplished quilters in this group.

Many of the members gave demonstrations on various techniques relating to quilts and Dianne was kept busy with interested visitors wanting to see how to use the circle cutter.
Last but not least.....I went shopping.   We had a lot of traders stalls, and I could not resist this one.   If you go to the website you will find where you will find the most wonderful colourful batik fabrics.  Here is Jacky on her stall and below that are some of the fabrics that were irresistible. They have made my fabric pages zing.......yes that is right I could not wait to enhance my fabric pages with them. Di has a new blog

Unfortunately I have not been able to get round the gardens this year.  The weather has been quite hot...33degC when not on duty at the quilt show demonstrating embroidery, I have just been slothing around at home, sewing and sleeping.


  1. some lovely quilts Shirley, will hop over to Toowoomba blog and have a closer look. Like you are like the applique ones and also like ones that are made of different sized blocks. The batiks are lovely. I bought a stack of fat quarters in 2 colour ranges, greens and oranges with tans etc last march, not used them yet but one day....

  2. I am drooling over those batiks! So yummy.
    I enjoyed your post, Shirley.

  3. You sound like me, Ms. Sloth!!! LOL. I am same here...between either rain or heat, I just want to stay inside! Love all the quilts at the show. Will check out Di's new blog when the kids go home tonight!
    Have a wonderful day, my friend...

  4. Hello Shirley,
    I absolutely LOVE all your photo of the exhibition.. WOW, the art bras were awesome looking as is the other quilts..

    I love DI self Portrait, She did a wonderful job of creating it.. I loved seeing all those tea pots very interesting to see. DI is such a dedicated worker.. I have no idea how to use a circle cutter.. LOL

    LOVE your new collection of batiks fabrics. I am sure you will a great use for them. Have a lovely week.. Hugs Judy

  5. What a glorious display! Up here in the Northern Hemisphere we are celebrating the harvest...while you are celebrating the profusion of floral bounty that befits spring. Warms our hearts, I tell you! :-) As for Wacky Jacky, I do believe I was given one of her batiks for my birthday last year. A friend's sister went to Bali and bought some directly...and I was blessed to get one too. Glorious!

  6. The applique quilt is my favourite one too Shirley - it's beautiful.
    A wonderful show and I'm also drawn to some of those lovely batik fabrics - WOW!
    Gorgeous post!

  7. What a great show. I would enjoy something like that, but don't know of any around here in s.e. FL. I don't quilt, but appreciate the work and the beauty in them.

    Those batik fabrics are beautiful.

    Happy Quilting ~ FlowerLady

  8. I can see why you couldn't resist the batik fabrics!

  9. Looks like it was an amazing show. So many wonderful quilts to see! Lucky you :) Thanks for sharing all your photos too.

  10. A lovely post Shirley. Your batiks have been a hit!! They certainly do make your embroideries 'pop' - perfect. The local quilt shop rang me about stocking the circle cutter as she has had so many enquiries after my demo. I should definitely be on commission to Olfa :-) One of my friends, Loretta did the floral hexagon quilt. Her hand quilting is exquisite. byeeee Di.