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Playing with paint
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16 September 2013

Birthday Party, Flowers and Wildlife

What a busy 2 weeks I have had.  We were fortunate enough to experience fine weather for the whole two weeks.

For the first week I cleaned and scrubbed everything within an inch of its life in preparation for the big weekend.   I did make time to take  photos of some of my flowers in the garden including the last of the orchid.
The last of six sprays of flowers on the orchid

The azaleas made a lovely display
We  had some wildlife visitors as well 
The ducks from the dam going for a walk and met up with a bunny

There were two mothers and babies coming in to feed among the male wallabies

This scrub turkey became quite a nuisance
I always feel very peaceful out there, and the view never disappoint.
View down the valley from the front patio
Himself turned 80 while I was there and I had organised to have a BBQ lunch for his birthday with friends and neighbours.  I collared one of the husbands to cook the barbie.  Another neighbour presented himself with a medal on a ribbon on which was engraved  O.B.E......which stood for over bloody eighty.

The day was wonderful with fun loving happy guests, and much laughter.
Himself with his badges

His very favourite dessert is pavlova so Julie made this for him for a birthday cake

Friend Dianne bought this delicious roast pumpkin and baby spinach salad.

The happy crowd blue was the colour for us girls.

BBQ ready to eat

Yours truly with some of the salads yes I have the same top as Denise We I went shopping and both loved the same one so said what the heck she lives in Brisbane and I live in Toowoomba and never the twain shall meet.
The day after the party I began the job of setting up the E Reader we had bought him.....well what a job......three whole days of frustration and still could not get the damn thing to work.....I was sitting up watching movies the third night but my mind kept returning to technology so back I went to the laptop.

I have decided that my brain works best in the middle of the night because.....wallah!!!! the lights turned on and one of the things came into focus and when I clicked on it there it all was.... I had only been reading half of what was there!!!!

So then came the job of teaching himself to download books......halfway through I just wanted to run away and go home.   I don't want to know when he gets round to doing it for himself....the mind boggles at what could happen.
This is the E Reader and friend Dianne made the lovely bag for it to live in. It even has an extra pocket for the cords and attachments.
It is always good to come home to my little domain and this was no exception.  Sorry there is no stitching but I have one piece to show in my next post along with some more fabric pages.



  1. E' sempre un gran piacere leggere i tuoi post, sei una persona simpaticissima!!!!!!! Belle immagini e bella festa, complimenti per tutto. Un abbraccio

  2. Hello Dear Shirley, WELL, what great photos of your peaceful farm.. Loved the wildlife photos. Your flowers were truly gorgeous.. LOVE the Blue top you was wearing... The BBQ food looked very yummy.. You are a saint to get the e-reader going. I would of never been able to do it.. VBG

    Isn't is always GREAT to be home... Hugs Judy

  3. sounds like you all had a wonderful time celebrating the Big birthday. Lovely photos of the wildlife and wow that view is glorious.

    I am impressed with your settling up of the E Reader, your perseverance paid off

  4. What a lovely thing for you to organize! Himself looks really good for 80!
    I loved the pictures you posted as you made me feel like I was there.
    Your writing makes me smile...
    And stitching will come. Trust me.
    Love and hugs,

  5. such a whirlwind of activity! great that you could twist someone else's arm for taking up the barbie.they are exhausting!

  6. MMMMM loved that pav! The farm is set in such an idyllic place - no wonder you call it Serenity. xxx

  7. Looks like you all had a wonderful tie with the birthday party - glad you were the one setting up the e-reader. I hve a kindle and that was bad enough! Cheers

  8. you look like a doll in your blue dress like the other gals! you are funny telling about the e-reader! lol.

  9. Oh, what a great post. You are looking beautiful! I like this dress on you. I knew already about the OBE medal -through our friend Dianne - what a lovely humorous idea. The food is just mouth watering - especially the Pawlova cake. I would try this before anything else. And the wildlife - this is wonderful, Wallabies in the garden!! The view is exceptionally beautiful, like an old painting. Such posts make me happy.

  10. Hi Shirley,
    So wonderful to see you visit again! I have missed you! Happy 80th to HIMSELF! LOL
    Great photos and that view is to die for! The BBQ food looked yummy! Hope you had a great time.
    Love your picture!
    Hugs and hope we continue to keep in touch.