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Playing with paint
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26 March 2014

I Miraculously Survived The Move

Yes, I survived the move, but only just.  I am convinced that my brain died about a week ago though, and my eyes have been getting worse so it has not been all plain sailing.

Many of you will remember how I came to be in Toowoomba and the story of himself's family.   Well I have to say that I would not have managed the move without himself.   He came over and worked his little old heart off alongside me.

I sent him home battered and bruised and limping.  He forgot to bring enough tablets for his arthritus, and so  endured the results of his forgetfulness without a complaint..   I will be forever grateful to him and to my friend Gwen who motivated me to get moving and who bossed (read bullied) me so I got things done and packed up instead of wandering around in a daze.

So now I am in yet another abode, and hope I don't have to move again until I have seriously de-cluttered.  One thing at least I seem to be improving with each move and this unit is lovely although a little more expensive. It is larger than the other in the living areas, and so much light comes in it is wonderful.   Even though I did not know it at the time the owners of the other unit have done me a favour.

I love it and since my move have been sleeping so much better and hopefully the old dead brain will come back to life sometime soon.   Can you believe it was so bad I paid my phone bill TWICE!

Not that my phone provider Telstra deserved it because they did not connect up the internet when they said they would so I have spent the last 6 days fighting with them to get some results. 

Anyway it is all well that ends well so here are some photos of my new unit.
Living and dining area note all the windows

See my lovely kitchen which I wont have to turn on a light in every time I use it.  I can wash dishes looking out to the park  Much better than the dark hole I had before

Of course the sewing room where I managed to fit things because it was smaller with the help of a spare cupboard in the bedroom
I took the photos late in the day so it is hard to see just how much light comes in through all those windows.  I have an ensuite plus a second bathroom again as well.   The main bedroom is where the computer and single bed are and I am using the second bedroom as the main one.  

The courtyard out the back is larger and my plants look so much nicer out there.

My eyes are deteriorating all the time, and it has been horrific trying to  do all my paperwork that is involved with moving residences.   Cant wait for the end of April when hopefully I will have the laser surgery and thus improved sight.

My friend Dianne is due home from their holidays tomorrow I think it will be so good to see her again and have her home.

Now sewing done of course, but that will come.

Thank you everyone for you comments on my last post, and for visiting my blog.  I do appreciate hearing from my old and new  friends.

Until next time.....




  1. Shirley do hope the laser surgery goes well, I had some taers ago as I have very high eye pressure was a bit daunted as only a local anaesthetic but it was fine.
    You have made your new home beautiful so quickly, all that light pouring in and a wonderful living area, I am quite envious. Also a sewing room, this is worth the extra pennies. Good to read Dianne will be home now, you will have a lot of catching up to do with her

  2. OH Shirley, I have not been keeping up with blogs very much lately, but i am sorry - and glad - to have read these last two blogs. A disaster has turned into a real benefit hasn't it. the photos of your new unit look lovely. Good luck with your eyes. Mine are deteriorating too, hopefully a cataract op on my right eye (the good one) will improve the sight in that. Thanks for visiting my blog. Cheers

  3. So glad it went well and hope you get your eyes fixed soon.

  4. Hello Shirley, Your new place looks absolutely wonderful. Love it. Your living room is nice and spacious as is the Kitchen.. I would love to see more photos of your outdoor patio and your flowers.. You now deserve a well earn rest. It was very nice of himself to help you so much.. I am glad that DI will be home soon. I am sure you will have a lovely get together.. Take care My Dear Friend. Hugs Judy

  5. Dear dear Shirley ~ I love your new place, so open and so much light! You sound very happy with the move and other things will improve too once you settle back down.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  6. Glad to hear that you survived and your new home looks very nice and bright with all those lovely windows. Thanks for the pictures. Hope your surgery goes very well. Take good care and enjoy your new home :)

  7. So sorry to read you had to move again (I had a blogbreak, so I wasn't online). I do hope you feel at home soon. Take care.

  8. Oh,! It's beautiful! Himself was a real help and helper without complaints. That takes quite a lot.
    Poor eyesight is not fun when you do so much handstitching like you do. I'm sure the day for improvement won't come soon enough.
    Much love to you,

  9. Oh Shirl your new abode looks wonderful. Like you said your previous landlord has done you a favour. Can't wait to see it and catch up with you. Hopefully tomorrow!

  10. I'm so glad your new unit is proving better than the last one was. How nice to have all those windows! I bet it will be lovely to have all that natural light for stitching. I hope the surgery goes well, Shirley. Take it easy, and rest after all that hard slugging. I'm sure you'll soon feel very much at home in your new digs. How nice Himself was there to help, along with Gwen.

  11. oh, Shirley!!! Your new place is gorgeous!!!!! i love all of that light coming in, and that HAS to be better for your vision! it is just lovely, and I am so happy for you! after your surgery, i see so many projects and loads of fun coming along! God bless Himself for helping you! What a great man! Next time you see him, give him a kiss from me!
    Enjoy your new place!!!!!

  12. Your new unit is fabulous, Shirley. You are going to be very happy in there. It has also proved to be a good decluttering exercise :-)))

  13. Shirl, this is just another test comment for you to reply to. Apparently I have stupidly signed up to google + which stuffed around with my email address. I have now changed a setting. Would you please reply to this comment to make sure I have it right now. Thanks Di.

  14. Oh Shirley, I have only just managed to catch up with you; you don't have easy girl, do you :-)
    That said, your new home looks LOVELY! I wish you luck :-)

  15. Dear Shirley, your home is looking wonderful and large. I see you have quite different size standards than we in Europe. Well, I can't complain with our house(s) but appartments are much smaller - I am late with my comment - but glad to have seen your new environment.