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Playing with paint
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14 March 2014

On the Move Again

How Many Times is is possible for one person to pack and unpack boxes of their stuff of  their life and move from place to place.

I dont know the answer to that question, but I am close to finding out.

Last is now Friday....the owner of my unit phoned me to say he and his wife  want their unit back as they are returning to Toowoomba to retire.

At that time I was sitting on a bench outside a shop trying to get over a slight heart turn I had just had in said shop so you can imagine saying I felt like I had been punched in the belly was a great understatement.

The friend I was with drove me home where i spent the rest of the day crying and bemoaning my fate......jinxed?.....yes......feeling like the end of the world had come? definitely a big yes as well.

It was only two weeks before that one of the nicest units in the complex had become vacant whidh was situated right behind me so I went on bemoaning my fate and berating the owners for not contacting me sooner.....  i felt so alone and helpless.

After a totally sleepless night, and many crying phone calls to whoever would listen and commiserate with me, the first thing I did next morning was to ring the real estate agent for the front flat to see on the off chance if it had been let yet.

I could not believe my luck to discover that it had not and the lady who was the agent knew me from doing inspections on my unit when she worked for my agency so was happy to arrange an inspection for me that day..

To say my heart was in my mouth all day until I had my first inspection is another understatement. 

Believe it or not aftger 3 days of tension, and more sleepless nights,  I GOT THE UNIT!!!!!!

I dont for a minute think that the fact that the previous tenants were very unsavourity characters, who were a few times raided by the police, and who had other unsavoury characters turning up at their door to make  "purchases" and them being evicted  had anything to do with the owners jumping at the chance to have a quiet little old lady rent their unit

i Signed the lease yesterday and when I was handed the keys I hastily put them in my pocket so they could not take them back from me.  

Ever the optimist after a night of wandering round the unit totally overwhelmed and wondering why I had so much "stuff" and how I was going to get it packed, or even where to start, a friend came over and with gentle pushing and shoving, we managed to pack up one sewing room which was no mean feat I can tell you. 

Even before I had a definite answer I had organised for the utilities to be transferred, and arranged a removalist........

That night I had a dream and in it I had my little shopping trolley and was gathering what I would need to go and live on the doona, a pillow, changes of clothes.....etc etc....and to cut a long story , I have signed the lease, paid the bond and rent in advance money, and I am half moved in.

I opened our two back gates, and chained them open to give a walkway between the both units which has made it so much easier to transfer my things across.

To my Mr. Himself I owe a huge debt of gratitude, who even though 80 years old  has been a rock and organised me and made sure for the third time that I was moved.  To my friend Gwen, I am deeply grateful, and the saying " a friend in need is a friend indeed" depicts who she is and who I am proud to call my friend.

I am assured that  this will be a long long term rental, but if it turns out to be another case of a landlord pulling the rug from me, then the next move will be to an elderly care facility.   At least there they don't turn your out, they wheel you out so I will never have to pack those damned  boxes ever again.

My internet is being cut off from Monday to Friday next week, so I will be "off the air" until the following weekend.

Sorry their are no photos to go with this....will take them when I am settled.

Till then,.....Adieu



  1. Oh my dear Shirley, these were horrordays for you. thank goodness, that you were so lucky to sign up for the new flat. Really so lucky! I am really happy with you to know you in safe place and not in the street.

  2. Oh dear Shirley ~ I hope you never have to move again. I've had to move once, and that was from our apt. in Spain, where we lived while hubby was in the US Navy. I still have dreams about packing things up out of that apt. to get ready to come back to the states. That is 41 years ago. :-)

    I'm glad the new place worked out for you and that you were able to get your stuff moved over relatively easy.

    Enjoy settling in and I look forward to seeing pictures.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  3. Oh, Shirley...if I were there I would have moved the whole house for you!!! I am so sorry...but am praying this new place is even better???? I really pray you will love it twenty times more than the old one! Can't wait to see you again after your back up online week after next! Good luck and just have fun! Don't do too much work on any given day. Just pace yourself! Email me your new address so I can send a housewarming surprise!
    Loads of love,

  4. Hello Shirley, I am happy you found another unit so very close. Sad that you had to go thru yet another move.. Know I am thinking of you and please take care.. I certainly do not want ill health to come from all this turmoil.. Thanks Mr. himself... Hugs Judy

  5. Oh dear sweet Shirley! (note: there are no commas in that phrase.) I am so thankful that your prayers (and tears) were answered and that all has ended well. Blessings to you for your new abode! May you enjoy health and happiness therein for many years to come!!

  6. Oh, my. As I read this post, I started to cry....luckily, it didn't last long because the post got happy!
    The Wallabies are with you!

  7. Shirley what a trauma but what a happy ending too. So sorry you are losing your home but how lucky to stay so close by and the unit was still vacant, best of luck with the move and hope you settle in, wonder is it identical to the old unit, if so everything will fit well, no doubt you will find lost treasures when you pack up. Thinking of you and your move

  8. So glad it has all come out ok

  9. All the very best for the change over of units.

  10. Hi Shirley, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  11. Sorry about that bad news, but it has turned out okay with the new unit, although I know how much work it is to pack up and move.......but thank goodness it's not far away, Shirley. Take care not to do too much too fast. Hugs