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Playing with paint
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27 February 2012

Back to Memory Lane Monday

I know, I know not the damn reef pictures again!  but  since starting Tast again I have been looking at my Reef Embroideries, to see how I used some of the stitches, and realised that I did not have any of them here on this blog.  So thought I would go back to Down Memory Lane Monday and  include them.   Followers of my old  Twisted Threads blog will  recognise them.  There is one new one though ..called my latest.

buttonholes bullions, feather, wrapped bars bullions, knots and found objects.

 First of all I will start with different stitches that I used to create  depictions of the various life on the reef.  There is not a lot of variety in the stitches, just different ways of using them.

feather, buttonhole and cretan pistil stitches couching

feather and buttonhole, detached chain and knots

buttonhole stitches bullions and beads.

buttonhole, wrapped feather stitch, pistil stitch and cretan

sword stitch and wrapped bars silk ribbon knots

Wrapped  feather stitch, fly stitch.
feather stitch, fly stitch, cretan, buttonhole, knots and silk ribbon
Woven bars, couching, feather, fly, knots,  buttonhole
Many of the same stitches are used but in different ways, and with different threads a stitch can look very different.

Right hand end of large reef

Left end of large reef
Full Reef emb which I had as my header at one time.
Now other  Reef Embroideries from which the sample stitches are taken. 

My latest. It has a garden scene on one which is not finished so I did not show it yet.  I have called this Land and Sea

I hope it has been a pleasure to revisit these reef embroideries and stitches with me.


  1. Hello Shirley, I enjoyed going down Memory Lane with you. ALL your stitches are sooooooooooooo wonderful to look at in all their creative ways. May I ask you how you created the Pinkish looking shell in the 7th photo down from the top. I love that shell allot. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Judy

  2. i absolutely loved seeing your stitched reef~!!~
    beautiful examples of what can be done with simple stitches and a variety of threads combined with a creative imagination~!!!!~


  3. Wow! this is a real treat! gorgeous embroidery. Thanks for putting this post together!
    best, nadia

  4. Beautiful embroidery Shirley. I have always loved underwater embroideries, and our Great Barrier Reef is certainly an inspiration. You've taken simple stitches and used them in such a wonderful way. I never get tired of looking at the technique and the colour. Thanks for the re-visit. Cheers.

  5. shirley...sei una vera artista con l'ago....sono sbalordita!...tu veramente dipingi con l'ago!!!! bravissimaaaaaa

  6. Oh Shirley, I can never get enough of your reef embroideries. They are just gorgeous. You are a very creative stitcher. What I would like to know: did you use reef pictures or did you just go with your imagination?

  7. A pleasure indeed Shirley It it beautiful.

  8. it is official (sorry...typing with dog in one arm)...i am going to start practicing embroidery stitches! can't wait...will start tomorrow! thanks for all of the incredible inspiration!

  9. It most certainly has been a pleasure. I love everything about your reef project.

  10. Your stitching is awesome!! I love the way you have wrapped the fly stitches. There are so many things to love in your reef emb.

  11. I very much enjoyed viewing these photos. I had seen some, but not all of them. Great inspiration!

  12. Shirley, I think your reef embroideries are just incredible! I would so love to see them "in person"...

  13. Shirley, nobody could complain about these lovely photos being posted again! Your stitching is beautiful. Cheers

  14. Hi Shirley! Gosh what a wonderful collection of fantastic stitches! Wow!

    You asked what a zine is, It's a magazine type booklet that a person makes on whatever they feel strongly about and when they've finished they photocopy it and distribute it. Quite a few people sell them. Some libraries have collections of them.
    Google it and I'm sure you'll find lots of examples. Or have a look on you tube, there might be something too.

  15. Repost anytime Shirley the work is glorious.

  16. Hi Shirley,
    I love these pictures of the reef and I'm glad you showed pictures in detail. I particularly like the wrapped feather stitch. I am doing a tree for a swap on SF and I think I can take inspiration from your picture and adapt it to a tree shape, if that's ok with you. Your stitching and creativity is always an inspiration for me......thank you

  17. Shirley, this is fantastic and very beautiful work!!!
    hugs from Russia,