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Playing with paint
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25 February 2012

"Splash". Week 7 and 8 Tast and print on fabric

The last two weeks of Tast have been detached chain and running chain stitches.  I have combined these on a fabric page  I have called "Splash".  There have been so many wonderful examples worked once again for this weeks Tast but I think my favourite of all is one stitched by Luiz called Good morning Maharani.  Click on the link and have a look at his wonderful and creative stitching.   Also hop over to Sharons Pintangle and read more about the Tast adventure.

Some time ago I was playing with the Gimp programme and produced what are called nova circles.  Then I discovered these could be printed onto linen, however, I was unable to get the placement on the linen right and ended up with two overlapping pictures on the one piece of fabric, which has languished in a box ever since.

At the time I did print one correctly on the linen and turned it into my piece I called "Carnivale" 
This piece is called "Splash"  I again used a variety of threads and included some gold thread in the needle.   The 'scales' of the fish on the right are all detached chain, and the fish on the left is filled with running chain.

Here is a closer version as well.

The Nova circles look like bubbles to me.  Below  is  a photo below of the original piece of linen that I  printed with two overlapping designs.
For those who have not seen it here is a picture of "Carnivale"  firstly the greyed picture and the completed one.
This has actually photographed darker than it really is.


  1. Che meraviglia Shirley!!! I tuoi lavori sono sempre originali e stupefacenti.
    Un grosso abbraccio, baci

  2. Hello Shirley, WOW what fantastic design. I love how you created the bubbles. Wonderful Great work and of course fantastic stitching. The whole stitched piece is so very lovely. Hugs Judy

  3. Hey Shirley you know i love your work and this is looking so wonderful....hope you are well x

  4. Love love love your 'Splash'!! Beautifully stitched and a creative use of the fabric.

  5. Love the fish. I agree the circles look like bubbles and this was a perfect use of an "imperfect" fabric. (I remember your frustrations at the time.)

  6. I love what you did with boo-boo linen, sometimes those things we think are mistakes end up being perfect for something else! Those do look like bubbles! I like the stitched version of the orbs!

  7. Hi Shirley, WOW, I'm really in love with 'Splash', loved it the moment I saw it on SF. I also love the Nova thing on GIMP, but especially the way you've used it for fabric printing. The 'Carnivale' piece is also one of my favourites. Thank you for sharing both these truly inspiring embroideries. Cheers.

  8. Splash = and I can almost hear the fish hit the water. Great title and captured beautifully in the stitching. Nice to see Carnivale again.