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Playing with paint
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20 February 2012

My Garden

I did not notice that Blogger had taken me to my previous blog, so I have been typing merrily away on that one, and did a whole post about my plants.  However, The old blog can only be accessed by a few people, because I did not know how to add all my followers to the list of those who could.  I tried a copy and paste but blogger would not allow that.  The concept of simplicity does not seem to appeal to him....oops sorry Blogger I do like you I really do!!!!

So here I go again.   I have been missing in action for a bit because life has got in the way of blogging. Also there is a post missing from here that also went onto my old blog. I wanted to show my little garden of pots that have been flourishing after the rain.

The sage is flourishing

so is the thyme

the mint is precious, the best success I have had with it.
see the tiny capsicum
the tomatoes have begun to fruit.
the Day Lily has been flowering and adding colour to the patio.
There is a large gum tree near the fence in the park, and recently during hi winds one of the branches fell, just missing the fence.  I am lucky the wind did not carry it onto my roof or I would have had a lot of water damage to my poor computer.
It sheds a lot of leaves which are a pain to sweep up all the time.

I did contact the council, but evidently the parks and gardens man says the tree is sound, and besides it was here before the development.  With regard to the nuisance of the leaves he just told me I could  move it they were too much for me to sweep up....very good PR just before an election I reckon. It did not seem to bother him that a branch could fall on the bedroom while I was asleep....but then I suppose that is modern society.

At the moment I am working on my detached chain stitch, which I am going to couple with next weeks stitch, so will post about both of them then.


  1. Hello Sherry how are you? nice to see your garden..nice feeling to watch the plants grow and is too fresh I can feel the smell of it..

  2. Your garden is doing quite well! I love fresh herbs, just picked, still warm from the sun. They add such a nice scent to the air, and soften the cold cement of the city. I'm hoping to be plucking some of my own fresh herbs in about 4 months!

  3. Love your plants Shirley, especially that lovely daylily. They are always good for some colour. Sorry to hear things have been difficult and I hope you will be back in full flight soon. I totally don't understand the mentality of most 'councils', they seem to be an enigma!! Good luck with the leaves, you're going to need it. I haven't started my detached chain sampler yet. Take care.

  4. I love all the photos. The mint is so fresh and the yellow flower is very beautiful.

  5. Your summer garden makes me want to get working on my garden, but it's still too early for much other than preparation.

  6. Oh it is SO nice to see GREEN! We are covered in snow here in eastern Canada. I'm longing for the green garden...