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Playing with paint
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25 April 2012

Hey I Found It!

In case anyone is having trouble I found how to get to the dashboard ...across the top of the posting page there is an orange button that says Publish.  To the right of that on the end there is a 'close' button...that takes you to the page where you can see the blogs you follow. 

Thanks everyone for your help.   

Doreen, when you are at the post page, you enter the post title in the box then click on the 'labels' to the right and that will give you a drop down box to choose the label
Across the top of the white area you will see a lot of things...F font, etc.  Beside the one that says link you will see an icon of what looks like it could be a photo click on that and a page will come up where you can browse your photos.

I will beat those young buggers fellows yet!   Wow I just learned how to do a strikethrough..always wondered how.... clever old chook aren't I.

Having said all that I have also found how to go back to the old way....yay! It was under the options on the reading page of blogs you follow.
now go away mr blogger geeks and leave us alone.


  1. are way ahead of me. I want to go back to the old way!!! I haven't figured out how to strike through a word yet!!! :)

  2. Isn't that awful with the new dashbord. Moreover when you are not at home but have to use cafeteria services for blogging. I am near to get crazy.

  3. Thanks very much for the tips which will save me a lot of frustration. Take care.

  4. hate this new look. and the stats now are very general. i used to be able to see visitors by city and not just countries.
    i'm going back to tyhe old dashboaard bcse i'm having more than plenty with facebook