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Playing with paint
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14 April 2012

Magnificent creature and more

After I posted yesterday I realised I had not included a photo of this magnificent creature.  One day the birds were all squawking and carrying on and when we went to see why discovered these two magnificent eagles sitting in the high branches of the Bunya Pine tree in the next paddock.   I could not resist a photo.

If you can click on the picture to bring it up, and then scroll for a close up on the single bird,  you will be able to see that he has very large eyes and a reddish brown spot on the back of its head.   Later on I did see them soaring over the hill and was able to watch them until they went from view. It was wonderful to see their beauty in flight

One evening at dusk I looked out the kitchen window, and saw a wonderful golden moon coming up into the sky.   That is the beauty of living in the country...their may not be shops full of expensive merchandise to tempt, but seeing nature evolving around us is really something to experience.   ......and I suppose there are some daft people who see beauty in spiders and poisonous snakes....:)

This was such a rich golden colour the photo does not do it justic
We cant forget the little birds... they are still around, although some have moved away for the winter so here are some old photos of the birds who frequent serenity
Double Bars waiting for lunch

Red honey eater in the Callistoman

Red Beak finches on the seed Bucket

King Parrots

The darling of them all the blue wren if you whistle a tune  to them they whistle back


  1. Absolutely delightful post Shirley!! I just love watching the Wedge-Tailed Eagle soar, a magnificent creature indeed. All the birds you have shown us are lovely, and I too, love the wrens. We had that same lovely glowing moon here..........LOL......a sight indeed. Thanks for the lovely photographs.

  2. Really great photos Shirley! I love all the colorful birds you have there, lucky you! I do believe that we have a few that belong in the same family as some of those you have shown and of course we do have eagles here but it is always fun to see what those same birds look like in a different country. I love those gorgeous parrots, I would be following them around looking for fallen feathers!
    Have a happy weekend Shirley...
    Tina xo

  3. How wonderful to see eagles, they do look magnificent! I also enjoyed seeing some of the smaller birds at Serenity, the cute finches and wren so different from ones here, and your colorful parrots and red honey eater.

  4. I never saw eagles , they are so big and beautiful. And all those little gorgeous birds.... Those redbeaks are so beautiful.

  5. Wow, you ave some really pretty birds there. I miss the mockingbirds which also learns sounds and repeats them. When my son was little we had a mockingbird near us who played the sound of one of his toys every morning.

  6. omg, Shirley!!! what a bunch of amazing birds you have there!!! Oh my! the King Parrots are so bright and beautiful!!!

  7. Nature is far more beautiful than any shop can ever be. I love seeing all of those sweet birds, the little blue wren is one of my favourites and they visit here often with their sweet little sounds. Have a wonderful day tomorrow Shirley. x