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Playing with paint
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25 April 2012

Go Away Geeks

YIKES! What have you done Blogger!

Here was I sitting here feeling very smug because Blogger was not interfering with my blog, and then I have just turned it on and I have been caught in Bloggers wiley web.  Damn.   Ok I need help now ..I clicked on New Post as usual so I could go to the Dashboard, and this post page has come up and Dashboard is nowhere to be seen......and with my new eyes I can see all....and it isn't there.    Somehow I did get to a page where I could click on Shirley's Blogs, but once I left that it is nowhere to be seen.

Heeeeeeeelllp!  Can anyone tell me where to go next please.

Go away Mr. Blogger, leave us alone....we ladies are quite happy with the old ways we do not need to know how many voyeurs have been looking at our blogs along with all out wonderful cyber friends ....and there is no colour....what is wrong with the geeks dont they like colour.....get your fingers out and prove to us you are as good as you think you are.

Here is a pretty picture to soften the mood I am in


  1. At least you got a picture on your post Shirley I haven't figured that one out yet.Maybe they have stuffed it up and don't know how to fix it themselves.

  2. when you go to, it brings up the new format...somewhere on the right hand side, there is an options link where you can go back to the old format. that is what i did. hope this helps.

    1. I think that option has now gone and we're all on the new version...

  3. I got to my dashboard via the link at the top of your blog. There were messages about the new look and spam and connecting to Google+. There's an X in the upper right corner of those blue boxes, so I just got rid of them. That left a "New Blog" button, The list of my blog (I have only one blogger), an orange "New Post" button, and the "Post list" and "View Blog" buttons.

    Does that help?

    (I suppose I should write something for my old Blogger blog. It's been a year or more.)

    Airy Nothing (Where I blog about stitching.)

  4. Don't worry, you'll soon get used to it. All the old functions are still there (some of the stuff that seems new has actually been there nearly 3 years, like the Stats page - which I love!!) and some new stuff is quite good. I like the fact that the box where you enter your new post actually stretches now, instead of having to scroll ad infinitum.