Playing with paint

Playing with paint
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07 December 2012

Patterns and more patterns

Just thought I would squeeze in this last blog post before I go away.  Spent the day yesterday, (in between playing with the Gimp programme) on housework, so everything is squeaky clean and fresh in readiness for my departure.
We are up to week 5 of the Gimp classes, can't believe there is only one week  left.  I wont be able to do the last one until I return, so I will have to fill my time with other things, like perhaps stitching.

Wish I were 50 years younger, I know I would not choose shorthand and typing for a career.  I am sure I could have gone into graphics and textile design. I know one thing for sure I would have mixed with a lot more interesting people than the boring old politicians and solicitors who I worked for in those days.

pattern from using the magic wand on the petals to create the design
random patterns
This week the lessons were based on patterns.   We could download them, or make our own which is what Sharon taught us.   Patterns.....I have patterns coming out of my ears. But have had so much fun.  I am just going to put the before and after photos up. No room to go into the details here.

Here are some more collages of the patterns I have made.

Different patterns by altering the silk ribbon embroidery

Patterns from the original two black and white brushes
This pattern was made from tiny circles which I then "made seamless" It appears to be a tiny checkered pattern.

Patterns from part of the photo of the ranuculas
The Toowoomba Quilters  had their xmas party last week, and each year have a secret santa.  This year, although I was unable to go due to being struck down with the dreaded lurgi, I did make this little bag, which I filled with some goodies for the new owner.  

In return I received a lovely gift of some beautiful stationery embossed with quilt designs, a hand towel and some scented soaps.  No photos though, the camera is packed.

Till the New Year in 2013.


  1. Hello Shirley.
    Lovely lovely collages and creative work. I really like the bag you created.
    Is the fabric wool??? and did you use paint sticks on the fabric to add color??? enjoy your time away and see you in 2013. Hugs Judy

  2. Have a great trip and a wonderful Christmas

  3. Hi Shirley, hope the holiday goes well, and the heat isn't too cruel. Take care. Love your GIMP work, and you naughty girl have me back in GIMP playing when I should be doing other things........LOL....... I adore the little bag you made, and I guess your secret Santa recipient does also!! Warming up here now, so better do some more watering. Hope you are feeling better. Talk when you are home.

  4. My goodness, have made a ton of interesting patterns...I love the ones you made from the flowers photo!!! The bag you made is so sweet/beautiful/ one could ask for a more special gift! I love the colors you put into it too! That blue and orange together is all the rage over here! At least in my mind it is!

    Funny how we can look back and now SEE what we should have chosen for our life's work! My problem is, I still have too many I think I would have liked. Design and fabrics would have been so amazing for you! are doing it now!!!

    Have a great end of the year, and wonderful holiday!
    xoxo- Julie

  5. What fun you're having with gimp! I enjoy seeing your patterns, and I adore that gorgeous bag you made! Design is definitely something you do beautifully.
    Wishing you safe travels, and a Wonderful Christmas and New Years'!

  6. more amazing creations from you Shirley, I downloaded gimp I discovered the other day when I was checking what was on my computer meant nothing to me would not know how or where to start!!
    You will be away by now but think you will pick this up on your mobile. Have a lovely time and look forward to hearing from you in the new year.

  7. Shirley, wonderful creations!
    I wish you a good 2013, full of health, energy and inspiration.
    Hugs from Brasil