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Playing with paint
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11 January 2013

Home Again

Welcome all to my first post for the new year of 2013.   I can remember when I was younger thinking the year 2000 was unattainable but here were are 13 years after that and still around.

I spent a month away at the farm on some R and R.  Had been getting over  a chest cold, so it was nice to get some fresh country air.

The lovely birds all came to visit, they love the birdbath. I miss all my lovely coloured friends.

blue wren and honeyeater

King Parrot

Pink and grey Galahs

Double bar finches look like little owls
Then there were the wallabies.    In the morning we had an influx for breakfast, and a mother even bought in her joey.   Shorty the resident wallaby always makes himself at home too.

I laugh every time I see the wallabies sitting on their tails.  They look like old men waiting for someone to have a chat with.  I think they must feel very safe there because they dont run away so quickly when they see us.

Sunrise in the country is always lovely.  I was up early enough to catch this.  The sun was actually bright red but did not come out as such in the photo.

Not many flowers were blooming but I I took this crepe myrtle after an early morning shower.  When I was little we had one of these shrubs in our yard and I thought the flowers were fairy dresses.

We were given this plant which we were told was a racehorse tree because it grew so fast.  Over the years it never flowered though, but this year it has so had to get a photo.  It has grown into a large tree, and will be wonderful for shade as its boughs spread.

My stephanotis and the day lillies also put on a show for my visit

The stephanotis is a flower that brides had in their bouquets "in the olden days", and the men wore them in their buttonholes.

The day Lillies were stunning and gave a lovely show
I have yearned to return to the farm since I moved here, but I think this visit has changed my mind.  There is just too much work to keep it up to standard for people our age......and the spiders are still there.  I did my best to do a few chores, and try to do some tidying in the garden, but old age has caught up.  Unfortunately "himself" is a stubborn old mule and wont sell and move to somewhere smaller.  He is 80 this year and thinks he is 50......

Had another scare with my heart and ended up in emergency the night before I was due to leave for "the farm".  My heart was racing at 150bpm so it was pretty scary. The cardiologist said the sinus node in my heart is detiorating and has put me onto new medication.    I am feeling ok, but the extreme heat conditions we are having is making me feel tired.  

My cough has not completely gone either, so am a bit of an old wreck.  One thing I have always found though is there is always someone worse off than yourself.

The poor people who have been affected by the dreadful fires raging in the country are the ones who are really in need.

Sorry folks that this is so long.   Will try to be better this year and post more regularly.

Hope 2013 is a wonderful year for all my friends and new visitors to my blog.



  1. Dear Shirley ~ I do hope you are feeling much better, sooner rather than later. Glad you enjoyed your time at the farm.

    Love and hugs to you and your dear husband.

    Thank you for your kind comments and your support at this time.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady Lorraine

  2. Loved to see your post and the in Western Canada where we've been knee-deep in snow since the beginning of November. Lovely to see all that green...and to know you feel the same way about spiders as do I! Blessings and best wishes for the next year. Hugs across all the oceans and the date line!

  3. I have missed your posts and thought of you often over the last few weeks.

    I am so sorry that you have had problems with your heart.

  4. Shirley,
    Wish this year brings you the best health, fun.
    Nice to see the beautiful pictures and to know about the life in other parts of the world. I think you are the best example of 'aging gracefully'

    love you

  5. love Lakshmi`s comment Shirley.

    some beautiful photos of the farm both flowers and animals, birds etc. Know what you mean about the farm being too much, you just take it easy and potter and of course plenty of stitching.
    Trust the temperature had dropped for you by now and the heat is a bit more bearable.
    What a miracle our news says no lives lost in Australia in the fires apart form Tasmania,

  6. Lovely photos but do take care.

  7. Hello Shirley, I hope you are feeling better soon. Oh, how I loved to see all the lovely wildlife, birds and glorious flowers in your world. Truly beautiful. Please take care Hugs Judy

  8. Shirley...please take good care of yourself! I don't want anything to happen to you!!! I know you enjoyed the country...amazing bird and wallaby and floral photos!!! I can't get over the wallaby's just walking right up to the yard...WOWZERS!
    Welcome back home! Missed hearing you over the holidays...

  9. Dear Shirley, this is a wonderful post again and I am - together with all your other friends - happy that you are posting again. I love to see the blooming on the farm and the animals. Everything so unknown to us Europeans.

  10. you better take care of yourself!!! or i'll go in person to your unit and pull your ears.

  11. How nice that the flowers greeted you with smiles during your visit! Lovely to see your post, but hope you're feeling better and taking good care of yourself in the awful heat. Sending you hugs