Playing with paint

Playing with paint
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24 January 2013


Who in the stitching or quilting  world does not have one or two or maybe lots and lots of ufo's lurking in cupboards and boxes, languishing for want of someone to take them up and perhaps add just a few stitches or beads.  Maybe patchworkers just have to find the time to put together all those squares or finish off a quilt in other ways.

I am no different from anyone else, and have  good intentions from time to time.  I promise myself  not to start another thing until I have completed some of my ufo's.  So this year is the year of the ufo for me.
 Yes I have started.....The ufo  above  was started with the good intentions of producing a sampler of pulled and drawn thread work.....well the intention was good, but did not get beyond the first two blocks when it morphed.  So now it is a sampler of various stitches.  It is worked in perle no 8.  I have hemstitched round the outside and added a border of 4 sided stitch.  The heart is the beginning of a schwalm styled design without the pulled thread work.
Some of my friends may remember this piece which I started before I came to live in Toowoomba.  The green butterfly is a blackwork design from    the Inspiration magazine issue 52, designed by a lady called Tanja Berlin of Canada.   I lost interest when the flowers did not turn out to my satisfaction, because I tried to achieve some texture by using thicker threads.   My idea now is to use that stitching as a padding and go over them.  Hopefully that will work.     Long and short stitch along with satin stitch have long been my nemesis so perhaps when I get to this ufo I may have more luck with it.  It is worked on Dublin Linen, and was meant to be a cushion cover.
The little garden scene is attached to a reef scene which together I thought to call "On Land and Sea".   The tiny french knots on the background foliage is worked in fine Brazillian threads and taking forever before I begin the foreground which I have painted on.
The other end of the piece which will be framed as one  with the matts dividing off the two scenes.
I have posted this before.  You can see the marks where the matt will separate the two pieces.

Every UFO has its own story
Doiley started about 10 years or more  ago.  I am glad I gifted the rest of them that I had to a friend

This bag front just needs a few rows at the bottom and a bit of time to finish off the spaces.
A tiny beaded bag from about 8 years ago only needs the beaded strap attached

An idea that did not eventuate
The design is drawn on the background, but no time to start maybe one of the Tast 2013 stitches will give me inspiration
Backgrounds with texture for a future project

This just needs a few blue beads and it can go into my Journal Class Book
If only I can find the time to either complete or find a use for these I could then get onto the stitch files I want to work on, and then there is Tast 2013......I do need some motivation dont I.  Good luck with your own  UFO'S  this year my friends.


  1. You remind me of my own UFOs. I think you are right in saying we all have them. I may just have to pull some of those out to work on this year. You have some wonderful beginnings.

  2. Shirley you have some lovely things to complete here, was going to comment on which I like best but that is impossible, they all look as though they will be wonderful when finished. Good luck with them all. How is the gimp class going?

  3. I had to laugh! I hate to think how many UFO's I have, once I was terribly smug and had none. Good luck with them.

  4. You win Shirley--I can now put all mine back and start a few more to catch up with you.

  5. except for the last 4 your ufos are so dainty they look like finished works!

  6. Oh my, I'm glad I'm not the only one with UFO's.

    Happy stitching ~ FlowerLady

  7. Lovely beginnings here, Shirley. I look forward to seeing them all completed. I'm like everyone else, and have a few UFOs I should complete......sigh.

  8. What would we be without ufos? We like to try out different things - and suddenly something else comes in our way - and schwupp an ufo is created. - Happy finishing!

  9. I've got ufos too. Some of yours look they wouldn't take much to finish, so I hope you can find the time to finish them soon.

  10. Yes, there are UFO"s in my cupboard too. I don't want to know how many! Your's are lovely, good luck on finishing them. Maybe you could join Sharon's Work In Progress Wednesday, it helps me very much.

  11. Thank you for showing us your UFO, Shirley :-) I agree with Anneliese; how would we find out what we like unless we try it out? If it doesn't get finished, does the world come its end ?:-))
    Good on you for having a go, but don't give yourself a hard time! Life is too short :-)