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Playing with paint
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06 March 2013

Chloe is Now Famous

Here in Queensland we have a programme in some of the schools called "Story Dogs".  Our Chloe who belongs to DIL and son,  fits the criteria to be a Story Dog (because she is so gentle and intelligent) and recently had her photo in the local paper at the Gold Coast which I would like to share.
She just loves being with the children and seems to know when it is time for her to go to school each Monday.  

This photo  shows her as a picture of innocence....a little different to when she is bounding round the paddocks trying to catch Beau or stalking him.

Beau, who is Chloe's "brother" is always sad and lonely when Chloe goes off to School of a Monday. Here is his Monday face.  The photos are by courtesy of Wag The Dog    You can see some wonderful action photos of them both  there.


  1. We passed the town Rottweil when we were looking for a house to renovate. It is the town where the Rottweilers come from in Germany.
    Good dogs! One can but love them.

  2. What a wonderful dog!!! Neat program too!!! I love the name Chloe!!! I am finally getting on here (computer) a few minutes, and came right straight to your blog first!!! I've missed many posts of all my blog peeps last few months. Gonna look back to see if I missed any other of your posts, Shirley!!!
    xoxo- Julie

  3. Chloe looks to be enjoying herself too - what a wonderful programme - anything which makes today's kids read more has to be good. Cheers

  4. Hi, Shirley. Great dog pictures--what expressions they have! Enjoyed seeing your TAST samples as well. You've been very diligent!
    best, nadia