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Playing with paint
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08 March 2013

The Sun is shining

Yes, for the moment the rain has ceased but there is a cyclone up in the Coral Sea that could either go away from us or then veer back.  Cyclones are unpredictable like that.

To celebrate I decided to do away with my "old lady" nighties and get with the groove.  So I lashed out and bought these new flannel Pj's with new brightly coloured tops as well.

The aqua were not my first choice yesterday when I discovered them.  I had bought a purple pair with pink hearts all over them.   I did try them on when I got home and they were ok, then threw them in a cold wash.  When they were dry  (on the line) I ironed them ready to wear one set to bed.

Well!   Put the purple pair  on and they had shrunk!  !?%&### So today I trekked back down to the shops and exchanged them all for larger sizes.  The new ones are longer so hope if they are going to shrink they shrink to shorter so I dont have to turn up hems.

Anyway if this size works I will be a snug and warm and colourful   when I go to bed.   Keeping my fingers crossed.

This morning I noticed my new little neighbour flitting about and managed to get a pic of her.
She is a little female wren and her mate is a gorgeous colour blue.  He is too quick for me to be able to get a pic but he looks like the ones we had at serenity below. They have a nest in the shrub the female is sitting on just outside my door.  I cant help wondering if they have followed me here from Serenity.

While checking out the wrens I noticed that the camelias are beginning to flower outside my unit and could not resist picking a couple for a vase on my desk
Have a happy weekend all.


  1. those pyjamas will keep you snug and warm in the cold weather Shirley, can picture you lounging in them during the day too.
    Such a pretty wren, your birds are so much more colourful

  2. Love the bright PJ's What a beautifully coloured wren, do they make as much noise as ours in England.

  3. I love pyama's like yours and not only in bed; in the evening sitting in my pyama is so cosy...but my Thom hates it!!!

  4. I like your bright and colorful PJ's. Oh thanks for sharing the lovely bird life of Australia. Love seeing them. I also absolutely LOVE your Camelias and I am sure they smell wonderful and brighten up your space. Hugs Judy

  5. So glad you were able to get a picture of the wrens. A pair of beauties! Can't wait until spring and the birds summer birds come back. Gorgeous camelia bloom too!

  6. Oh Shirley! I can see you now in your new jammies!!! Those are so colorful and will enjoy them!

    The wren is so neat to have them playing around right outside the window!!!

    I love Camelias! They grow as far south as central Florida, but not as far south as me. Sadly. I always love when we get to central Florida in the spring!!!

  7. my goodsness!pj fashionista.
    love the camelia