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Playing with paint
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25 August 2013

More Pages for My Fabric Book

 Samples from when I learned silk ribbon embroidery
Hi to all my cyber friends.   I have been busy finishing off some more pages.  They are not all of Tast samplers.  Over the years from when I was quite a novice embroiderer I made samplers of various stitches resulting in quite a few so I am incorporating some into this book.  I have just realised that those examples are almost 20 years old.   And yes, again, I am reminded that I definitely do not have a "straight eye"  Isn't it funny how the camera shows up what the eye cannot see.

The three outside edges of the pages will be trimmed  with pinking shears and after sewing two pages together with the right sides facing and pressing them forming  the neat inside edge for the spine side I am going to stitch the pinked edges together.   Does that sound like a lot of pollygobble?

I am still trying to decide whether to line the pages to help stiffen them a bit but that is a decision I will make later.

Still have a quite few pages to go so this book looks like being quite thick.....hmm I can see the hand sewing of the pages together at the spine is going to be a monumental task......but will think of that later.

When I was learning Cracy patchwork as it was known way back then I made some samples of seam treatments

this is my sample of crossed feather stitch from Tast last year

My herringbone sample from Tast as well

This was a sampler of cretan stitch and roumanian stitch from a creative course I did many moons ago

Tast running stitch sampler made into a new page  It turned out to remind me of garden beds

My woven wheels sampler I also worked some other styles of weaving.The brown piece on the side is not supposed to look like a prehistoric weapon.  The fibre I used is felt and the colour just "went" or at least I thought it did but looking at it now it seems out of place with the wispy effect of the other sampler.


  1. your book is going to be fantastic Shirley. I wish I had discovered embroidery earlier in my life and had lots to look back on.See Di won Sharon`s stencils on a blog give away.

  2. Some beautiful Stitching Shirley as usual.....sent you an email too x

  3. I enjoyed seeing all of your samples.


  4. Love seeing your book come together, Shirley! You might have to go to grommets for assembling all those pages though...tied with pretty ribbon, perhaps?

  5. Wow Shirley you are an ambitious stitcher! I have always wanted to try to make a book utilizing embroidery and other textile methods but have yet to get the courage to start. Your pages look fabulous!
    And thank you so much for stopping by my blog and saying hi, it meant a lot to me after being gone for so long! Have a wonderful Sunday Shirley!

  6. How wonderful it will be to look through your Stitches Book when it's completed. Great memories, I'm sure. It's always fun to see how far you've come, too.
    Will you make color photo copies before you put it together?

  7. Hopefully I will be able to read the words to prove I am not a robot this time. I love what you have been doing and you are going to have such good memories. I hope the weather is more pleasant for you by now. Cheers

  8. Hello Shirley, All your stitch samplers are wonderful but I like the Woven Wheel the best. VBG Have a lovely week. Hugs Judy

  9. More beautiful pages. This book is going to be thick and luscious - like my thighs LOL