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Playing with paint
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13 January 2014

2014 A New Year Begins

Here is is half way through January of the New Year.   I hope everyone enjoyed their Xmas, and the new year is showing promise.

For all those friends suffering from the extremes of climate, extreme cold, heat, fires and floods, I trust that there will be good changes ahead soon.

Xmas for me was very quiet.  Himself came to visit, and I also had an elderly 89 year old neighbour in for Xmas Lunch.  Because it was hot, I  kept to leg ham and  salads, but forgot to take photos of the dishes.   I made my old family favourite potato salad, as well as a mango salsa to go with the garden salad. 

I was fortunate to receive some lovely gifts and among them was a plum pudding from my friend Dianne.....which was yum.  That is it all wrapped up in xmaswrapping.

Dianne also made me the lovely collage box which is going to be another of her treasures.  In the box was a memory stick in the shape of a reel of thread, and a little journal. Isn't that just too cute.

Instructions on making the box can be found on Annelliese's blog  hop over for a visit she is so talented.  There is also an interesting  tutorial here:  here

Another gift I received and will treasure was from my eldest son and his wife. It is the loveliest calf length dressing gown which will be so nice to wear when I next go to hospital.....I feel like lady muck in it.  The fabric is so soft and fine.
They and of course the puppies, also gave me a gift set and some perfume.

The cream and crystals are to beautify my feet, and came with the softest pair of booties to wear to bed to protect the sheets from the creams.

My DIL is always helping me to care for my skin with gorgeous gifts of lotions and potions.

The perfume is old fashioned lavender which I love combined with green tea. It  will be good to spray on before I go  to bed to help me sleep.

 Himself shouted us a bottle of Baileys Irish Cream to indulge in of an evening.  i can tell you it did not last long it is one of my favourites.....not that I should be drinking anything that rich and creamy.  But I figure the special occasion warranted it.

I must say it did help me to go off to sleep of a night.

 I just adore hand made decorations for my xmas tree, and these two above were made for me by my friend Sue from Suztats,  Thank you Sue, they looked so nice  on the tree.

 Another no no, and another love of mine  is chocolate, and I must admit to being naughty and  eating a couple of these which were a gift for himself and I from an old neighbour at the farm.

Its ok I am back to my normal diet and made sure all the chockies were left in the fridge at the farm so I couldn't get to them.

On Boxing Day I went back to the "farm" with himself.  It was so relaxing over there, all I did was rest and sleep after a year of worry and stress.   I have come back all refreshed and ready for a happier  year.  Well one can always live in  hope eh. So long as my family allow me to that is.
No sewing was done, even though I did pack some, but the weather turned so hot with up to 40deg C days it was easier to just get into the recliner under the aircon and nana nap.
However, I did have a day with an old neighbour who I taught to embroider when I lived there.  We had a marvellous day catching up, and going through her sewing boxes. 

Jann has had a gruelling year, with serious operations, but as you can see she never stops smiling.  She is such fun to be with and her husband is a gem.

Should I be now at the stage of making a New Year resolution to do more sewing.....At the moment mine is to finish the fabric book......

Bye for now, till next time.........Happy New Year to All.


  1. So nice to see you, Shirley! it is 11:45pm and thought i would check in on the blogs before going to sleep, and there you were! that Baileys looks so good! We are getting new outlet shoppes opening in February and amongst the stores is a Lindt chocolates!!!!! i will think of you whenever i see it! you are a chocoholic, i believe!!! hahaha!!!!! You're Christmas looked wonderful and the hand crocheted ornaments are really lovely! Happy New Year my friend!!!!!

  2. P.S. That memory stick in the shape of thread is brilliant!!!!!

  3. some lovely pressies you had Shirley and good to see you had a little drink! Good to catch up with an old friend especially when she shares your stitch interest. All the ebst for 2014

  4. Sounds like a lovely relaxing time, 2014 has to be a better year.

  5. Happy New Year to you Shirley. You have received some lovely gifts which you will treasure and put to good use I am sure.

  6. And a lovely Happy New Year to you, Shirley! The new photo on your blog title is intriguing -- I am assuming it is from your work. May this year bring you health and joy and many creative hours!

  7. Hello Shirley, HAPPY NEW YEAR.. I HOPE IT IS THE VERY BEST FOR YOU.. What a very very lovely trip you had to the country with himself... I am glad you was able to catch up with old friends and truly relax and enjoy. Good for you.. Lovely Gifts you received from DI... I would call that box she made you a "Treasure Box".. Hugs Judy

  8. So many lovely gifts and I especially like the collage box. It looks delightful! Wishing you all the best in 2014 :)

  9. Thanks for showing all this..... and you are looking lovely and so slim!!! And I wrote a letter to you.....about everything.

  10. MMMM I love my Baileys on the rocks!! So it is a January free of goodies is it?? Glad you enjoyed your holiday season. Love the Christmas decs that Suz gave you - a special keepsake.

  11. hey! love the look of your blog. seems that you were quite busy over this long silence. welcome back.

  12. What lovely gifts you received, Shirley! I am glad you had a nice visit at the farm and relaxed and refreshed yourself. It seems we both like Baileys and Lindor chocolates (my fave is the dark) and I would be doubly 'bad' and have a choccie with a bailey's chaser!... lol .....or two. So glad you're back and ready for a good New Year!! Hugs