Playing with paint

Playing with paint
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14 January 2014

New header

DONT FAINT!  PLEASE!....I know two posts in two days is a miracle from me, but please keep control.

I have had a compliment and enquiry on my new header photo so thought I would do a quick post on how this came about.

A couple of years ago I had the urge to play with something different so gathered together the makings for cards.  I did post about this on my old blog, so it may be familiar to some.

This is one way  I achieved a  design.   First I added rough sketches by dribbling  on the large piece of card with aquadhere and  adding some Gesso to form raised designs
Paper tape was added  to allow for blank areas before I added paint.  i used both thick and thin Atelier brand acrylic artists paint.

Different colours of the paint  was added roughly over the different areas .  If I didn't like the effect I rubbed it off before it dried and added another colour.  Even this gave some pleasing effects.

When I was satisfied I cut the sheet up into smaller sizes for the cards.

Here is a collage of some other designs I made.

I finished off the cards with embellishments and you can see some of them at the top of the post.  It was amazing to see the different effects on the individual pieces after the sheets where cut into the smaller sizes.  It was one of these that I have used for my new Header.  Can you see the shapes of what looks like people on the header picture......that was not intended it was just one of those magic things that happens in some painting.

It was a fun Sunday, and I spent the whole day in my pyjamas "playing".  Will have to do it again one day.


  1. Those are really neat and what a great way to spend a whole day in your pj's.

    Happy creating ~ FlowerLady

  2. Welcome back Shirley, I didn't have time to comment on the previous blog before you posted this one!! I am glad you had such a relaxing Christmas, and you certainly received some lovely presents. The cards in this post are beautiful, I need to get inspired and start some more crafting too. Thanks for visiting my blog. Cheers

  3. Well, my dear lady, that is far from my reach! You do beautiful work....

  4. Yes, my dear, I thought: whats that?? I didn't even comment on the post before. I will read this one in the evening.....and go on commenting to the other one, which I read last nicht, haha.

  5. I still have a large piece of watercolour paper I painted with Aileen all those years ago, so you have inspired me to chop it up and use it in this way. Your little cards were very popular:-)

  6. WOW! Shirley I am visiting your blog after a long time.I was in the US for a year and returned in the first week of of Jan. Your painting is really very beautiful!!!

  7. Shirley I absolutely LOVE your new header! Great colours, and 'happy accident' people.
    Sounds like the best kind of day- playing in your pj's. So glad you're back--I've missed your posts and your creations.

  8. Hello My Dear Friend Shirley. Your cards are all very creative and gorgeous. You are such a very talented lady. I have spent days playing in my PJ so you are not alone. I think we are Kindred Spirits. Hugs Judy