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Playing with paint
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26 January 2014

Windy Weekend

Woke Saturday morning to nice rain which was not predicted, and there was not sign of it when I looked at the weather site on Friday.   I was checking  for storms, which we have had a couple of lately,  but no sign of them either for our area.   So dont know where the rain came from, and was appreciated by the gardeners.

Still haven't found my incentive to sew but that could be because I have been doing a fair bit of reading. I have just started Angels and Demons by Dan Brown but it is heavy going so far.

When I was at the farm I was able to buy quite a few second hand books for 50c each at the local markets. I just wish I had had a bigger bag with me to buy more at that price.

On Friday it was a bit windy out so I decided to make some of these rum balls. They are a surprise for a friend.  The ingredients are:

1 can of condensed milk
2 cups crushed Marie or Arrowroot biscuits
1 cup coconut
2 Tabsp. cocoa powder
vanilla essence or rum essence
1 cup sultanas
extra coconut for rolling.
Mix all together, roll into balls and in coconut.   Freeze .  Allow to thaw slightly and enjoy.

At the farm the mango tree was loaded so I bought some home with me to ripen and have been freezing the flesh for the off season.   This is just a sample.  I may have to buy another freezer if this keeps up, or just keep eating.   Frozen mango....yum on a hot day.

A week or so ago I was online and found this tv on sale new from one of the big stores.  It is just the right size for my bedroom so I "bit the bullet" and bought it.  Collected it from the store and proceeded to put the stand on, and would not believe go.

The screws that hold  the base and top together just would not screw in they were too tight.   After much exasperation and then  some enquiries I am told that I need a man with a screw drill.....huh! men designs things on purpose in order to keep women out of their sheds.

It is going to be wonderful in winter to lie in my warm comfy bed and watch my favourite programmes.   Although there have been comments that I may never get out of bed again. the way it also has an inbuilt DVD player so I can watch movies if there is nothing good on tv.

I can hardly wait.


  1. Oh yummy mangoes, love them although not as good when you buy them as we do as off a tree.

  2. like you Shirley I enjoy a good read and either get mine from the library or the charity shops, only buy quilting and embroidery books from amazon. I am spending too much money there. Yesterday a quilters ark dropped through the letter box, so will now have to conquer foundation piecing. Those mangos look very tasty. Snap I too lie in bed warm and cosy with a small tv but no DVD player on mine, good place to be when the winter is here but find I fall asleep when watching the TV . Hope you get back into the stitching mood soon, it saves my sanity.Yo were lucky to find a man with a drill, I struggle to get any jobs done they do not seem to want the work.

  3. Imagine them telling needed a man with a screw drill! That would make me want to return the tv! I am certain you could use the screw drill just the same as any man.
    The mango looks so great!

  4. Hello Shirley, You have been busy. The rum balls look very delicous. Are you going to have a Tea party?? 50 cent books is a great deal. Nothing better than fresh fruit in the Winter. A new TV with DVD player for the bedroom. Super great. Enjoy those lazy morning.. You have earn them. Hugs Judy

  5. If it's especially windy (as it was here last night -- 1/2 the world away from you), it is indeed lovely to watch a favourite show. Not being a TV person, I watch DVDs on my computer...a laptop, so quite cozy in the bedroom, or anywhere else, for that matter. :-)

  6. Oh, for cryin out loud...that TV will be so great for you!!! I can just see you in bed with your mangoes and ice cream! Oh, some chocolates too! Love that!

  7. Your rum balls look yummy, Shirley :-)

  8. It was sure the rainman who sent the refreshing. The rum balls are looking so good - the mango is gorgeous - oh, how I like it. How good that you are freezing them.
    Enjoy your new TV ---- we are TV people - it is good for knitting, ha.

  9. MMmmm. Rum balls. And mango. Delish! Hope you enjoy your new tv, Shirley! ( don't know why, but (I was following you on bloglovin ) it seems you were dropped from my list, so I've been missing your posts, darn it) I've signed up again. Maybe they'll get it right this time?

  10. So glad you have the TV all set up and can enjoy some relaxing hours escaping from reality. The mangoes this year have been divine. The summer fruit is so beautiful. xxx Di.

  11. P.S. your rum balls are delish and one person in particular lurves them.

  12. what a yummy post! except for the screw driver which i do believe it's purposely done to keep women at bay.