Playing with paint

Playing with paint
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20 May 2016

At Long last I am back

I am sorry this this is not such an interesting post, so I am interspercing the paragraphs with some of my stitching for the band sampler which is growing.

Good morning to my friends (if there are any left reading this).  It has been a while, hasn't it, but yes I am still alive and kicking!  I have found Facebook where Sharon Boggon has her Tast Site this year so that is why my poor blog has been neglected lately

Health issues continue to bug me, but on the whole I am going well.

At the moment am in the process of getting rid of skin cancers as a result of all the years I have spent on the beach.  One was a melanoma, but the best kind to get and has now all gone.  I have only a small BCC to be removed from beside my nose near the corner of my eye, and every time I think of the numbing injections in that area I wince.

Anyway it is all over by the shouting now.

Because the biopsy was so close to my eye, I havent been able to wear my glasses so have not been able to stitch but will add some photos of the recent efforts.   As a result of a nasty fall recently I have also had a black eye which hasnt helped matters much.

Last week I had a visit for a much loved grandaughter and her family.  She has two children, and girl and a boy.  I managed to de-stash some of my work to her because I know she will treasure and care for the things I have given her.
 My greatgrandaughter fell in love with this bear, and also the elephant and doll, so I just had to add my first crazy patchwork cushion to the collection   
We had a lovely couple of days.  When my great grandson looked out my door and saw the park, his words were "that is the biggest back yard I have every seen".
Click on the images to see complete versions.

Tyrell (Mr T) had a great time at the park with his soccer ball.  The park is right next door to my patio and when he looked  out his words were "That is the biggest back yard I have every seen Nan" (he is 7)

While misty was here we were remeniscing about old days and I showed her photos of my navy days.  This was her favourite. I was 18.

Well that is enough for today, I hope to get back here soon.


  1. good to see you back blogging so sorry to read about the black eye and the skin cancers trust all is better no, promise will email you this weekend

  2. Glad to see you back. May you soon be back to more stitching. You've really made some lovely creations.

    What a pretty 'sailor' you were.

    Happy May ~ FlowerLady

  3. Of course I'm still reading! So sorry you've been having health issues - hope things will soon sort themselves out and you can get back to doing the things you enjoy. Lovely to see pictures of you and your family!

  4. Good post, Shirley, I love your expression that you are still "kicking", It makes me giggle. Nearly midnight here. You have been a super beautiful navy girl, my goodness, thank you for showing. And good that we are friends on facebook and otherwise, so I know already a lot.

  5. Good to hear from you, Shirley :-)
    I had one of those BCC right next to the corner of my eye about 3 years ago, had it out under general anesthetic; yes, all good fun (not) :-)

  6. good to hear from you. was wondering what was with you. i'm hardly doing facebook now. can't stand all the drama.and with all that *saved* time i do-make a lot! keep those posts coming.