Playing with paint

Playing with paint
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26 October 2012

and I went shopping.....and stitched!

Remember those shoes that I threw in the bin in Melbourne, the ones that gave up the ghost after 25 years.....well I went shopping and bought a pair to last me for the next 25 years.

I'm going a bit tarty in my old age with all this bling. Well when we get old we have to replace what we lose with something eh.  Here's hoping that I don't topple off those heels.

I have been thinking of practising some "Gangnam" style dancing for the wedding, but not sure whether those heels would be suitable.   Just might have to kick them off.....old ex ex  husband won't be at this one so I can have a good time!

My outfit is one I wore to the Dunk Island wedding and it has some bling too.  Photos will be seen after the wedding.  

AND  I HAVE been stitching in between doing other stuff like getting rid of all the grot I had allowed to accumulate since returning home.   It gave me a good feeling to have my unit all neat and tidy and clean again.  I felt very rightious but the truth is my friend Di was coming for a sewing day so my guilt got the better of me.

I even sat for hours winding off all the scattered mess of threads sitting on my table so I could have a little skite, and create an impression of being a bit of a neat freak.

Firstly I managed to finish the Bonnet stitch for Tast.   Added just a couple of cast on buttonholes, and a couple of pistil stitches, and one cup stitch which now leaves me almost up to date.
I think if you click on the photo you will be able to see it larger, and if not, when you click on it and get the new one up hold down the ctrl key and scroll with the mouse wheel to make the photo larger.

The lovely piece of tatting on the bottom was a gift in a bag of tatting pieces from my friend Sue of Suztats.   I have been holding on to these, and this embroidery  was the perfect place to use it.

The next piece of embroidery is for a bag I am making.    First I painted the design using my inktense blocks. Because it turned out a bit dark I rinsed out some of the colour then ironed it dry to set the colour.  I have embroidered over the design, and added some beads.   I have cut out some nice blue waterwave taffeta to line it with, and when it is sewn up I will add some buttonhole keepers for the drawstring........will post a photo of the finished project when it is done

It was really satisfying to finish these two projects as they have been sitting round for ages.   All I have to do now is to get on the sewing machine and complete the bag and I can move on to more things that need to be done.

So there it is not one post, but two.....gradually catching up.


  1. nice dancing shoes!and the kitty with curlers is hilarious!
    really like how the tatting complements your stitching

  2. You'll be kicking up your heels in those new dancin' shoes!
    I was enjoying the look of the frothy bit at the bottom of the first stitching, and then was surprised to read the tatting was from me! You've made it look so good!
    The second stitching has lots of movement in the design, and I love the colours, and the addition of beads. So glad to see you're wielding a needle again.

  3. A mermaid coming up from the see foam! Nice design!

  4. Lovely to read your post and see the Tast stitches on your model with Suztat's tatting. The flowers for the bag are swinging happily. I envy you to wear these shoes and to go and throw your legs dancing in them. I tried today ragtime dancing - - the Charleston -- from Utube, there are lessons - I had fun but had enough very soon, hahaha. I have no breath - because of the prevailing cold. No more condition.

  5. Good to see you so busy, Shirley, I love the bag :-)
    Take care in those shoes!!!

  6. i am sure you will have a great knees up at the wedding Shirley and Mr X not being there will make it even better.
    So you are back stitching, lovely tast and yes Suz tatting looks very much at home. The bag is going to be beautiful, lovely colouring, wonder if it is now finished
    You must have had a lovely day catching up with Di after you have both been away, I can imagine at the nattering that went on whilst you were both busy stitching

  7. The bag will look great when it is finished, I am sure, also the TAST embroidery is great

  8. Thank you, Shirley, for your lovely words on my post.
    The model stitching is gorgeous, the bag will be great. I like your new dancing shoes.

  9. Your female figure is beautiful with the stitches and tatting. Love your ideas.
    The work on the bag is fabulous. To create something so simple and lovely takes talent.
    Enjoy the wedding and the new shoes.

  10. Your painted embroidered bag is beautiful, Shirley. Can't wait to see it all finished. Your torso with the tatting is wonderful too, beautifully stitched and finished off. Must feel good!!

  11. Those shoes aren't too tarty at all I love the little bow and bling, I hope that you have fun at the wedding wearing them and dancing the night away. I love the blue stitching in your last project.