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Playing with paint
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26 October 2012

Surprises in the post.

I had a lovely surprise in the post yesterday.   Opened my door to see this pink parcel sitting up near the door.    It was from my friend Julie, from "A Succulent Life".   I wish we had such pretty post bags here in Australia.

When I opened it up I was thrilled to see these lovely gifts which Julie has sent me for my birthday.
Julie must know from my postings of "the farm" that I love pretty birds.  It is a tea towel, and has a pretty braid edging.   I think I will save it to use to wrap my hot scones when I make them rather that wipe dishes with it.

Dont you like that big letter S.   I can hang it on the wall which I will, and when I get old and forgetful, if I ever forget my name I will at least know which letter it begins with.  Thank you so much Julie for your kindness.

Julie also remembered that I need to have a good laugh and I did when I opened the card.

This is so funny.  Inside the verse reads
   "From one glamour puss to another"

Julie that made my day. Thank you.


  1. Glad you can still wear high heels, my knee wont let me. Its a b... getting old. Have to say I am struggling, not helped by the deaths of two friends this week. I think I may get on with TAST after Christmas as I am so busy trying to get presents ready.
    Have fun.

  2. Love the kitty!
    Happy Birthday Shirley! I'm sorry I missed it. Hope it was a good one.

  3. We don't have pretty postal envelopes here in Canada either, but perhaps that's so they won't clash with our wonderful stamps! :-)

    Love the 'Glamour Puss' -- and I'm sending along belated birthday wishes for an elegant year ahead! Ahem!

  4. likewise no pretty post envelopes here in England, some treats you have here and the card well it is so so cute

  5. Oh, glad the pretty pink package made it across the pond!!! Just some small goodies to surprise you! Oh....and yes.....please don't forget your name!!!! You are so funny!!!!!
    Xoxo- Julie

  6. Lovely gifts from Julie. How lovely!! That cat card really cracks me up too.