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Playing with paint
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10 October 2012

What a Week It Was

Well it is so good to be home again after such a busy and eventful week.  The day I left it was my 75th birthday, and  my son's wife had a lovely little pile of goodies all wrapped beautifully, sitting on my bed,  which included a whole lot of skin and facial lotions and potions...(well we can all live in hope eh)
Included also was a new portrait of my lovely "grandchildren"...the puppies.

This all meant a celebration, and what better way to do so than drinkies by the pool.

After a day recuperating Son and I headed off to Melbourne to attend a grandaughter's wedding, leaving his wife in charge of the puppies.

Neil  took great delight in telling everyone he had claw marks on his arms where I held onto him during takeoff.   My flying experiences are very limited and the take-off is a very scary thing.  To say nothing of the bumpy landing on the way home.   I slept most of the way home only to wake when the plane made a turn to come into the runway.   Looked out the window  to see water....we had come in from the ocean side of the coast.....very scary I can tell you.  All I could think of was that we did not fall out of the sky until we got over land.  I have decided the actual flight is ok just dont like going up and down.

Mother of the bride collected us from the airport, and we went home to a party barbecue where I was able to meet 2 grandaughters who I have not seen for a long time.  Also got to meet my lovely little great grandsons.   They even had a cake and candles for my birthday so I got to celebrate twice.

We were told the Melbourne weather was going to be warm, but instead were greeted by typical Melbourne weather....wet and cold.   It was such a shock to our systems when we walked out of the terminal into the freezing wind.  If that is their idea of warm I would hate to live there when it is cold.

The day of the wedding did not improve, but managed to ease off at the right times for the bride to arrive and depart the church.

Halfway across Melbourne on the way to the church, I remembered that I had forgotten my camera and my phone....damn!.....too far away to go back the only photos I have are what I took on the Friday night, and those I stole from Facebook. 

Hayden, Lachlans brother, the second page boy
Nana with Lachlan great grandson and one of the page boys wearing his new motor cycle gloves. He rides a peewee bike  and is fearless

With son Neil and daughter Kim

Mr and Mrs Roche

Rach with brothers Tom and Brent with Lachie climbing a tree in the background

Two lovely grandaughters, Rachael and Misty
 I will finish off with my tale of woe:
While I was getting my clutch bag ready I was shocked when the gold frame round the flap came off in my I very carefully replaced it and hoped i for the time to shop ....this was when I should have put my phone and camera in the bag.

On the way out to the car I had a tiny slip on the wet path but took no notice as I did not  actually fall.  Because it was  raining lightly when we arrived at the church we were able to go inside and stand at the back.    It was a very old building and I felt myself sinking into the floorboards. I said I thought the floorboards were rotten, and  discovered I was leaving holes in the wood.   On inspection of my shoes saw that both the soles had come off the heels when I slipped and all I had were two round balls sticking down from the heels.....yikes.

It is a while since I have had to walk around on tip toe but managed it as elegantly as possible. Thank goodness the reception venue floor was tiled.....hope I did not leave any scratches.

That is not the finish......made  a quick dash to the bathroom before the bride arrived, and succeeded in tearing a hole in my new pantyhose that I had paid a fortune was beginning to ask myself whether I should have gone or not, when blow me down my ex husband who I had been told was not invited walked into the church.........that really took the icing off the cake!!!

Son Neil put a lot of photos from his camera onto a memory stick I had, only to discover when I got home to my own computer that it would not fit into any of the usb ports at all......damn!!! not my week it seems.



  1. Oh Shirley!!! Happy Birthday!!! What a crazy week!!! I cannot believe everything you went through! Good grief! All, in all, it seemed a lovely week though and I just have to say how much your daughter and son look like you!!! WOWZERS!
    Glad you are home safe. Hopefully no more flying for a while!!!
    xoxo- Julie

  2. Happy belated Birthday, sounds as if you kept your cool through all the things that happened so well done. Looked like a lovely wedding and your family all look lovely.

  3. belated birthday greetings Shirley, how nice to be able to celebrate with relatives you do not see often.
    Will email you later today

  4. Happy birthday, brilliant post.

  5. Belated Happy Birthday. What a way to celebrate. Wedding looked fabulous back home again safe and sound.

  6. Lovely, lovely post - Shirley -I had loud chuckles reading. You have a way to tell this mishappenings so funny. The little boys are so nice and the wedding must have been great. Your hairdo is super, very chic! I am happy that you are "there" again. Oh those computers - always surprises with them.

  7. Prima di tutto auguri per il tuo compleanno e poi....scusa cara, ma mi hai fatto proprio ridere, mi sembrava di vedere le comiche di Stan e Oliver

  8. Oh dear - Calamity Jane should be your name this week. So funny, but you batted on well. I too am not keen on the take offs and landings - love the flight though. It was better when they used to feed and water you though. You get zilch these days! Rachel looks gorgeous as does Misty. Lovely you could catch up with them all. Cheers, di.

  9. whoa! please tell me you had some fun.
    if this comforts you kim and the other granddaughters look a lot like you.

  10. Thank you for sharing ALL with us, Shirley :-))

  11. Hello Shirley, Oh, I am so sorry I missed your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday. It looked like you had a awesome time at your son's place and by the pool. vbg Enjoyed seeing the wedding photos. Thanks for sharing them all. Hugs Judy

  12. A very Happy Birthday to you Shirley, what a wonderful surprise to get a pile of goodies just for you ready to open:) I'm so sorry to hear of the mishaps that happened on the wedding day oh dear, I do hope you enjoyed the night in the end.

  13. Hi Shirley, I found you on my list of followers (I don't usually look at it!) and wondered who you (and most of the others) were, so I'm doing a bit of visiting. Enjoyed your blog, and have added it to my Favorites bar to come again. So sorry our beautiful spring weather turned sour for your visit to Melbourne. We were both born here, and I take it as it comes, but the MOTH whinges every time the temperature changes!

  14. Firstly, Happy Birthday to you and so glad you had a lovely birthday. I'm so sorry about all your misfortunes at the Wedding... That was certainly a lot of awful bad luck ... and one after the other... you poor thing. The Wedding photos are lovely... no one would suspect what you'd been through!!

  15. Oh Shirley, first I am sorry I am so far behind in my reading and commenting. And also sorry about the Melbourne weather. As Gina E says, most of us are quite used to it.

    The wedding pics look lovely. Glad you are home safely now.


  16. You have narreted it so lovely..what about the dress with sequins? Did you wear it for the wedding? I fly every year to the US to be with my children and grand children and i pray each time for a safe trip without any hiccups. It is scary and I have no choice.. Apart from all this you must have really enjoyed seeing your grand daughters after a long time.. Once again Shirley, Lovely narrating! Happy Birthday!