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21 October 2012

Cooking Lesson

There is a saying which I have found to be very true......which is....."you are never too old to learn"....another is  "If in doubt read the instructions"

How many of you have seen or used this product:

With the addition of the sauce it looks like a very tasty, easy and convenient meal for someone living on there own who has lost the inclination to spend hours in the kitchen cooking exotic dishes doesnt it.

Some months ago while browsing the shelves in the supermarket I spotted these products and thought what a good idea.....just put the sauce in  a pan, drop in the pasta bits, heat it for a few minutes,  and presto!..... dinner is ready.  Did not bother to read the directions, being a bit of a know-all when it comes to cooking.  After all I did feed a large family many nourishing home cooked meals over a lot of years.

After dropping the pasta and sauce into the pan and heating it,  I sat down in front of tv to enjoy this new experience, not having had ravioli before.   Well all I could say was yuk!    Not even the addition of some good parmesan altered the awful taste.  Decided  I would stick to the basic bolognaise with basic pastas that I had always made for myself and the leftovers went into the bin!.

Recently, when visiting my son, his wife had asked him to bring home something easy for dinner, and he arrived with this very same thing that I 'hated'.   Being a nice guest I did not say anything, and then later when I walked into the kitchen..... there was all the pasta boiling away in a big pot.   "What are you doing ?" I asked....."cooking it, Mum"......"oh, do you have to boil  that?"   .....

The penny wonder I had not enjoyed my lot....I had eaten it virtually raw!!!!!!! aaaark!.

Am pleased to say that the dish was delicious, and I have vowed to try this again whenever I feel like something simple and easy for dinner.

So I learned the hard way.......firstly read the directions....and secondly  be prepared to learn something new every day.


  1. Thanks for the chuckle, Shirley. Hope you're enjoying some good fast meals, now. It never is too late to learn......I've been learning new things on my Redwork course.......some things I thought I already knew! lol

  2. Oh dear! Too funny! Reminds me of the time I was making pumpkin pies (at about 21 years of age) take to another couples house for dinner. Well, I bought store made crusts (frozen), and not realizing they put a piece of waxed paper between the two crusts, I poured the mixture into the two crusts and baked them. Don't you know I took the darn one that had the flippin paper in it! We all had such a good laugh!!!
    Take care...Julie

  3. I think we have all been there one time or another Shirley.
    Looking forward to having a giggle about other poeople`s mishaps.
    My downfall is spilling the food, years ago whilst living in Australia I took a casserole out of the oven, put it on the worktop and then there was a mighty crack and casserole was all over the floor. Recently I lost 3 beaten raw eggs which I spilt on the work top,that was the end of my omelette, now I know the worktop is not level as they trickled into the cutlery drawer and down the front cupboard, raw eggs are the worst things to clean up, ugh!

  4. You really do make me laugh sometimes Shirley-but then I guess I am laughing at myself as well because these things have happened to me as well.

  5. LOL, I could picture that :-)))

  6. That is so funny Shirley. We do need to read the instructions occasionally. That combination is one of my favourite "fast food" meals.

    Thanks for the laughs.

    By the way do you really need the "robot" thingy on the comments? I find it really hard to get it right.

  7. Hi again Shirley, and thanks for the giggle. Now that you've mentioned it, I tend to think I did the same thing once, same reaction, so looks like I need to go back and try again..........LOL... Hope all is well with you, sorry for silence, life a bit demanding at the moment. Cheers.

  8. Hi, Shirley. You've certainly been busy and have lots of choice stories to tell. The idea of cooking only for yourself when you feel like it sounds very good at the moment! Enjoyed seeing your TAST fish project.
    best, nadia

  9. Oh dear, we are never too old to learn, yes? Don't know if I would have known to cook it first either. It is always a bit more difficult cooking for one and especially having the inclination to do it.