Playing with paint

Playing with paint
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12 August 2013

Pages Completed and Ready

In between dramas I have had with my computer and getting my system upgraded, I have been stitching to de-stress and now have some completed and ready.  i know I have posted these before, but I have now done some extra embellishing of the pages.  A big thank you to all my friends who have commented and complimented me on my previous post with the pages.
Barred chain on the left and detached chain on the right

Fly stitch

image from Gimp printed onto linen and embroidered. The background fabric is one I painted

I have just added some buttons and braid to this to finish it off

All I did to this was to thread some ribbon through the lace and embroider round the edges with herringbone at the top and barred chain on the torso piece.
I have had an external hard drive for about 2 years and after the initial set up I left it plugged in as instructed to let it do its thing, then one day needed the usb port and never got to put it back in.   Then I tried to do an update with it and could not get it to work.  I have been waiting all this time to get someone to help me with it....and when I did it would not work at all.  

This meant investing in a new one so I could back up everything before the upgrade, and the new one did just that, and then would not allow us to reinstall.
There were ways round that, but whatever could go wrong did, and it all took 7 hours, and even then I just had to say stop because the dollar signs were rolling over and over.  

It all stressed me out no end, and I do miss having my clever son around to do all this stuff for free.

I am not quite sure yet whether I like the new distro...and I am struggling with some things.   Lost my photo programme completely and the new one I installed myself scared the wits out of just took over, and there was no where to allow me to open up my photos in Gimp and edit them......ooops that got removed very quickly I can tell you.  I had visions of all my photos disappearing into netherland.

Anyway I am battling to understand all this new "stuff", and change is something I dont cope with these days.

So my stitching project has been a blessing and helping to take my mind off anything stressful.

I have my unit inspection this week so had better do something today about tidying up my sewing room.


  1. Beautiful pages! I love to hand embroider and one day will do some Redwork.
    It seems we never have enough USB ports and just when you are being the creative person you are, the inspectors want to show up! Yikes!
    You do great works.

  2. your pages are looking great,love the arch in the first photo, looks very welcoming and would love to take a stroll through it.
    Computer problems are a PAIN. I have a new camera and the software changed although it was another sony, seems much more complicated so I am ignoring it for the time being!

  3. I know exactly how feel. These computers are great when they do what you want them to. One step outside this and poof it is the computer takes over and has a tantrum and will not do as it is told. Love the embroidery's what do you do with them now? I have quite a few crazy patchwork pieces with my tast stitches on and do not know what to do with them. good luck tiding up.

  4. I'm definitely right there with you when it comes to computer 'stuff' computer guru son has moved to the other side of the country so I can't count on him for help. Right now my anti-virus needs updating and after struggling with it for over three hours the other day I gave up in total disgust. Will try again when I feel I have more patience. Good luck with yours!

  5. Stitching can be so darned therapeutic. Your pages are soooooo creative, sooooo beautiful, I love each and every one of them!!!

  6. hang in there. you'll tame the beast.
    my fave's carnivale

  7. Hi Shirley, Sorry to hear about your computer, it sounds very frustrating! Your stitched pages are beautiful, I especially love the green and lavender one. :)

  8. Very sorry to hear about all of your computer problems. Very frustrating indeed! Hope it will all get sorted out and will be better than ever. The stitching on your pages are all wonderful and I especially like the stitching and design on the 3rd picture of your post.

  9. Oh, Shirley! Your pages are so beautiful!!! Amazing! I am sorry to hear about your computer troubles, but now that it is up and going, you will be a pro in no time on this new system. I just know it!!! Hang in there!
    xoxo- Julie

  10. Hi Shirley,
    Thank you for your comments on my fabric journal. Your pages are so much prettier! Mine are just a mish mash of various experiments, as I explained on my blog post. You asked how I made up my 'book' - I did explain on my blog, but if something isn't clear to you, please don't hesitate to ask me any questions about it.