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Playing with paint
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18 August 2013

Still Shopping

On Friday i had to go and get some scrips renewed and my good friend Di offered to drive me.   As it happened she had to go to a quilt and sewing shop, and you think I came out empty handed.....wrooooonnnggg!.   I spied these two lovely fabrics that will just go perfectly for the cover and lining for my fabric book.   The blue/purple has some glitter effect and will go perfectly with the ET embroidery I am using for the cover.  

The aqua piece on the right is for the lining for the cover. 

Came across this blog here called Patras Place of Stitching and Vintage Linens which has some good ideas of putting the fabric pages together.

My friend Dianne, from  has a new blog called where she is talking about her three loves....eating, travelling and quilting......not necessarily in that order.

Pay both these blogs a visit....I am sure you wont be disappointed.

"Himself" is turning 80 next month, and I have organised a Bbq at the farm with a few of our close friends and was to be 12 people, but since I tracked down an old friend of his who is also coming it has turned into 13...aaark....better add someone else.

He desperately needs a new pillow to replace the sculptured one he has loved for over 25 years.  Found this 'memory foam' pillow for him.   Left it in the car while we did some food shopping and when we returned the car just "ponged".....the smell was terrible and it turned out to be ....the pillow.   I am wondering whether it is the formaldahyde that any imported textiles these days are treated with.  It is a shame because it is lovely to use otherwise.

Since then I have taken the cover off and aired it, but the smell is permeating the unit and I may have to return it if it does not go away.  Fingers crossed or it gets returned and I am "back to the drawing board"......and the idea of a book reader.
By the way you will all be pleased to know that I am slowly conquering the wretched changes to my computer.  Have returned to the original programme for adding photos, and am learning my way around the latest Gimp.

Hope I can get through the month now with my data allowance and no new big downloads.


  1. the fabrics for the book look great Shirley. Thanks for the link I popped over and now know what I will do with my CQJP pieces, putting the bias around the edges makes life much easier.I do wonder though if it will be strong enough though for my pieces, maybe it will be too floppy and the pages should be lined and have some wadding in, will think about this some more.
    The pillow sounds a disaster, I would take it back and see if the others have the same odour as surely that is not right.

  2. ...and I am so happy to see you on your blog - my conncetion to Australia (of course besides your dear friend Di and some others). This smell of a pillow is just awful as it is near your nose, ha! And you are a good spy for fabrics, indeed. I saw no shop for weeks, now.

  3. you go girl! the new gimp will be at your feet, rest assured.

  4. Oooh, those fabrics are fabulous! Hope the pillow airs well. Happy Birthday wishes to 'himself'.

  5. Perfect fabrics for you pages, Shirley. Gotta love shopping with me eh? I know how to spend your money xxx

  6. Lovely to catch up with you again Shirley, I have trolled through the last few posts - your fabric pages are lovely, as are the new fabrics. I would definitely be taking that pillow back! I hope your computer woes are over, I have had endless trouble trouble trying to start a new blog, but have given up and gone back to the old one - I can't beat blogger! Cheers