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Playing with paint
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06 August 2013

Time is Racing away

Hello all my patient friends.  There is a saying "it is a long way between drinks" well for me it has been a long way between posts.   I keep promising myself to be a better blogger but the days just pass so quickly.

I have only recently returned from two trips away...the first to eldest son on the Gold Coast and the second from a week at "the farm"  Both son and "himself" came and collected me and then returned me home so I did not have to battle with buses and trains which was good.

So firstly the embroidery lessons went well.  The ladies who did the workshop were very keen, and picked up the stitches well.  I was very proud of them.  I am having a break, now because the quilt show is looming and everyone is busy sewing.

However, I have started on an idea for the sampler for the next group with the blessing of my friend Anneliese who has given me permission to use her leaf idea.

I have not finalised what stitches I will share next time, but here is a photo of what I have done with the leaf so far.  The next step will be going through my books and deciding on the stitches.

I have not been entirely idle and have made two more lots of green pawpaw chutney.
This is the first lot.  I was a bit afraid of the chillies (6) which was the amount in the recipe.  I added the seeds on only 1-1/2 chillies and it was tasty but no zing so for the second lot I have added the seeds from 3 of the long chillies and I certainly got some Zing.  The first lot I used white wine vinegar, but in the second I used red wine vinegar with a touch of balsamic and it is amazing the difference the darker vinegar made.

My visit to the Gold Coast was to help son look after the pups while his wife was away overseas.  They dont like the pups to be left alone for too long so mum's baby sitting expertise was required.   I did enjoy them they are such lovely "children".   Princess Chloe had an operation to remove a growth on her back paw just before mummy arrived home so I was glad I was there for her.
She was very good, for the first couple of days with me, but as soon as DIL came home Chloe started chewing at the socks covering the bandage and then the bandage.  After I had left she even chewed a hole in her leg where the bandage had been.   i cant help wondering whether that was a bit of a tantrum at mummy leaving her and then nanas. Mr. Beau was very sad during this time, because he did not have his friend to frolic with while she was recovering. Bath day came along just before Chloe's visit to the vet and I must say for a few days they smelt lovely.
Chloe loves her bath

Mr Beau does not like it and cant wait for it to finish he watches everything

Beau having a blow dry....not a happy chappy
While I was there I received a voucher from my lovely DIL for a manicure and eyelash .....such luxury.  I even took a pic of my pretty nails.  Unfortunately my hands, over 3 weeks later, are,  I am ashamed to say back to what they normally look like. But here is when they were pretty.   I loved the red nail polish but thought I should act my age and settle for the soft pink.

 Cant finish off without two photos of my lovely grandaughters.  They were visiting their Dad who is my youngest, so I had a chance to spend some time with them.

Georgia is 13 and Amber is now 16 so they are growing up quickly.  They are both lovely girls.


  1. glad to hear the workshop went well.
    the curry sounds so very delish1 wish i were nearer:)

  2. Good Day Shirley, Your next stitchery class looks wonderful.. Those ladies are very fortunate to have you as a teacher... Your Chutney sauce looks wonderful and I know my DH would absolutely LOVE it. The hotter the better..The photos of you and your grand children are wonderful.. Happy to see you posting again. You have been missed.. Hugs Judy

  3. good to hear from you again.

  4. Nice to see you posting again! Sounds like you've been pretty busy with tripping to and from the gold coast. Wow, your nails look great!
    Love the leaf design, and I'm sure the Ladies will enjoy stitching it.
    I look forward to seeing some of your beautiful stitching! Welcome back.

  5. Hellllo Shirley!!! Nice to see ya girlfriend!!! You have been extremely busy!!! With a schedule like that, who has time to blog??? Beautiful granddaughters! Did I tell you I have a granddaughter named Georgia as well??? SWEET name!!! Well, take care, and best of luck with your leaf project for class!
    xoxo- Julie

  6. Your lessons sound great. My dog loves a bath I think it is more to do with the rub down with the towel after that she likes the most. Grandchildren are such a joy.

  7. I wish I were nearer for the chutney, too!
    Glad to read you are back to stitching and teaching. Your talent and enthusiasm should be shared!
    I'd go for the red next time! I love red nail polish!
    You look so lovely with your grand daughters.