Playing with paint

Playing with paint
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14 November 2011

Down Memory Lane Monday - applique

While  reading one of the quilting blogs recently, I was reminded that I once ventured into the realm of needle turned applique.    It came about when a friend was unable to complete a workshop and asked if I would sit in for the remaining lessons. So with the permission of the teacher I came to learn something quite new to me.

This the result a quilt for my oldest grandaughter
After that I became quite ambitious and thought I would continue, but no quilt eventuated for my bed just a lot of squares that turned into cushions.  These are what  I have left ...the rest have been  gifted.

There was a time when I thought I would dip my toes into patchwork, and what followed was a frenzy of stitching which resulted in the following efforts.

First quilt

scrappy strip quilt

pansy quilt

Not much progress eventuated into quilting after that, because  it was about the time that I discovered art so my mad frenzies were then  directed into paint and canvas, although in the end I always return to the more calming love of embroidery.


  1. Shirley, what you made is absolutely perfect, you are talented for every work. I love the logcabin quilt and the cushions are so well done.

  2. You have certainly turned your hand to a variety of techniques, all of them looking super - what a lovely collection of cushions. I have just been catching up with your previous posts. I am glad to see your beautiful flowers are still flourishing. Cheers

  3. I had a go at patchwork & quilting one time, but discovered it wasn't for me....I could never seem to get the bits to meet !!! But, I did do a "stack & slash" quilt for my then 3 y.o. grand-daughter and it turned out so well, I did a Xmas tablecloth as well. I seemed to be able to manage that OK !!
    I really enjoy your blog Shirley....keep writing...cheers

  4. Nice work,Shirley! I always find stitching time to be calming. Is it the rhythm of the needle passing in and out of the fabric? Or seeing the slow progress of a design taking shape? I love to sit of an afternoon, embroidering or tatting with some soft music in the background. Focusing on my stitches, the world falls away.............

  5. Carissima Sherley, sei bravissima!!!!! Molto belli questi lavori.
    Anche per me l'amore più grande rimane il ricamo,vai a vedere il mio ultimo post e lo capirai...
    Un grande bacio

  6. Skill and talent - and patience. Wow.

  7. Love your new photo in the header. What flower is that? Your applique is lovely and your applique cushions are always a joy to behold!!

  8. Quilting, too! I should have known! I have not done needle turning but I want to.
    Your applique is perfect and I'm sure your grand daughter will cherish the quilt forever.
    Isn't it fun to go through these "test" phases of needlework until we find the one that suits us? You do good work in all you touch.