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Playing with paint
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12 November 2011

Flowers in Serenity Garden

It was lovely to see some of my old favourites flowering during my visit to "the farm". Although a couple of my roses have not survived, it was nice to see the pink flourishing. I don't know the name, but it is so soft and reminds me of silk.  I just adore the way the petals are so fine the sun can appear to shine right through them.

same rose from a different direction

favourite yellow rose

red geranium

bush gladioli flower

shasta daisy

cant remember the name except pea flower
St John's wort (I think)
november lily

agapanthus in bud
I managed to clear a fair amount of the weeds but there is a long way to go...and know by the time I get a chance to get back they will have returned in abundance.
While on the subject of flowers and gardens, my neighbour a few properties down from "the farm" called up for a coffee one day, and brought me this lovely rose from her garden.  It is a lavender, although it photographed pink,but I dont know the name of it for any rose enthusiasts.
Another afternoon we went down to theirs for drinkies in the afternoon, and I had a lovely wander round Julie's garden with her.  She has some beautiful roses and it was nice to see her lovely garden thriving.


  1. Hi, Shirley. Lovely photos of the farm. Your silk ribbon embroidery is sumptuous. Your work is always so meticulous.
    best, nadia

  2. I think that pottering in the garden is wonderful therapy for the soul. There is such beauty for the eyes, and the aromas that surround us bring memories of other glorious days.....

  3. Nice to see your happy smiling face again Shirley.

  4. Beautiful flowers, Shirley! Thank you for sharing your pictures with us:) I love the rose in the top picture, very delicate shade :)

  5. Complimenti!!!!!!!! sono bellissimi i tuoi fiori, il profumo delle tue stupende rose รจ arrivato fino al mio naso
    Buona domenica

  6. Lovely to see all those flowers - and yourself with your neighbour, happily holding glasses. Cheers!!

  7. Hello Shirley, I loved all the photos from your garden and your neighbors Lavender rose was the most gorgeous rose I have ever seen. Loved it. It looked like you was having a very lovely time. It was great to see your big smile. Hugs Judy

  8. Lovely to see all the flowers in your garden Shirley, and the happy smiles of you and your friend. Sad that the weeds are having fun though. Sorry I've been silent, busy with watering here, almost 40° at the moment, sprinklers going everywhere. Great to have you back.

  9. The flowers are beautiful a previous life, I lived on 15 acres, (not quite a farm), but oh so peaceful. We had lots of birds visit us and we'd often sit out on the back verandah admiring the view of the sun setting over the dam......good times.

  10. What a beautiful post! The flowers are lovely and I love the one picture you named "friends or foes" for the two bugs. Cute.
    I'm guessing Julie and you enjoyed a wonderful visit. Good friends are such a blessing.