Playing with paint

Playing with paint
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12 November 2011

Visit to Serenity

Well I am back from my visit to the farm, and have spent 2 days settling back in to my unit.   After the peace and quiet of "the farm" I noticed the sounds of the city the first night...the sirens, the trucks over on the highway and the cars in the street....even driving to get the shopping there seemed to be more cars than ever compared to out in the country.

I had a very peaceful time, enjoying pottering round the garden, sitting on the patio with the animals, and the sounds of the birds...which is why after a few days my blood pressure was down to a nice normal figure.

Not much has changed, except for the season and  a few less trees that were causing havoc with their leaves in the gutters.  The older "himself" gets, the harder it is for him to get up and clean them so the trees had to go.  There are still plenty left, and the wood pile for next year is growing.

The view is still there
the cows still visit
Lazing outside the back door
waiting for dinner
the king parrots are still fighting for possession of the feed buckets.


  1. It looks very peaceful and quiet (except for maybe those parrots) and beautiful, too. Hugs

  2. I envy you for the view which you had for at least some days - the animals and the sitting on the patio. I am glad for you!

  3. I am so pleased the visit was relaxing for you Shirley. I know it will take some time to come to grips with the city noise again. Try to take it easy for a few days.