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Playing with paint
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25 November 2011

Foggy Friday

My good friend Dianne is away at the moment.  She could even be languishing on the golden sands of a beach at the Sunshine Coast something like this one as I write.:

While she is off enjoying herself we woke to a misty foggy morning today.  
view from my patio
At least the rain  is keeping the temperatures down.  We had a whole 2 inches of rain on Wednesday night.  There is a huge gum tree in the park behind my unit, which loses lots of leaves which clog up the gutters on the roof.  I actually experienced a torrent seeping in down the wall near the kitchen....  I had visions of the ceiling caving in, but that did not eventuate thank goodness... once the downpour was over the torrent stopped.

Yes there is a man coming to clean out the gutters. He was due next Monday.... if only we could get the council to trim the huge gum tree!!!

My herb plants are loving the rain, but my poor little tomato plants are still struggling. I think I need a larger container. The gum leaves on the ground are only a fraction of what I sweep up every couple of days.


Hope you are enjoying your holiday Di.......(is that envy you hear in my voice...yes it is.)



  1. Lucky you to get some rain - it has passed us by here! You can never get Councils to trim eucalypts - or any other tree - on parkland these days! Cheers.

  2. I'm looking out our window to hills covered with snow and the lake a sheet of ice. Your pictures are lovely. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog & leaving a comment. Very appreciated. Have a wonderful day :)

  3. Here in Michigan, USA we had a great day of warmth and sunshine. But we are also bracing for the snow and ice that will soon be our reality.
    You have a lovely blog, Shirley...I look forward to seeing more of your needlework and garden!

  4. Pleased that the rain came Shirley, but not happy to hear about the seepage. I hope all will be fixed in due course. At least we've all had some rain, and a break from the heat. More on the way I heard this morning. Take care.

  5. I love that view from your patio. We don`t get foggy mists in our desert, but we do have downpours and flooding. Have a great day.